Dr. Cotner's Vegetable Book Back in Print!

Okiedawn OK Zone 7February 1, 2013

I frequently mention how helpful I have found Dr. Sam Cotner's book "The Vegetable Book: A Texan's Guide To Gardening". The only problem with this book is that it keeps going out of print and then becomes impossibly hard to find and incredibly expensive on the various websites that carry out-of-print books.

I think I noticed in the most recent issue of "Texas Gardener" magazine that the book was in print again, but that was right around Christmas and I forgot to come here and mention it.

The book, which was written and published in the mid-1980s, is very thorough with lots of photos and diagrams. (I haven't looked at a copy of the new book so am not sure if it has all the photos, and it is described as being about 370 pages while my copy from 1985 is just over 400 pages, so they may have cut something out.) Dr. Cotner himself said in an interview a few years ago that it would be impossible to publish a similar book today of the same size and with all the photos and drawings because of the expense involved in printing the book. The publisher of this book has discontinued printing it several times, only to be more-or-less forced to do another printing of it because people want this book and demand it. That is, I think, a huge compliment to Dr. Cotner.

So, if you're looking for a great book on growing veggies, this one is available again. I'll link the publisher's website. I haven't checked at any of the online booksellers to see if they have it.

Because Texas and Oklahoma share a similar climate and similar soils, I have found this book to be as helpful for me here in Oklahoma as it was when I lived in Texas.


Here is a link that might be useful: The Vegetable Book

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