Brussels sprouts

gsevensJuly 3, 2009

I planted brussels sprout plants into the garden about May 12th. They have been growing good, I think so far. I guess they take about 90 days to mature. Info I am finding online makes me think they will not form right because of the heat in the middle of the summer. I read somewhere that some people top the plant when buds start to form. Can topping the plant force sprouts to form earlier than they normally would. I am trying to get sprouts before heat of summer shows up. I topped 1 plant and a few days later I saw little buds forming on the stem. I don't know if I caused this by topping, or if it is coinsidence. I topped the rest of the plants. I already started some sprout seeds in garden to hopefully have a fall harvest. Next year I will start them earlier in the spring.

Anyone else grow Brussels Sprouts with any luck?


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chervil2(z5 MA)

I grow Brussel sprouts as only a fall crop and do not push the harvest any earlier than September, I think that light frosts imporve the flavor. I start seeds in mid May and transplant into the garden in early June and let them grow without topping them. I am interested in finding out if any grows these routinely as a summer crop.

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Thanks for the info. I'll have to try planting for a fall crop from now on. If my seeds sprout that I put in the ground, I might be a little late this year but we will see. Who knows, with the weather we have had lately.

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Just keep letting them grow. It really doesn't stay hot enough for long enough up here to worry about fall crops. Besides a huge brussel sprout plant has a certain coolness factor. The sprouts themselves are much tastier after a good hard frost anyway.

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They are still growing, but I already screwed up. I didn't think they would form right in the middle of august, so I broke the tops off about a month ago to speed things up a bit. I think all I did was cut my harvest in half. I did start new seeds right next to my current brussels sprout plants. The plan was to use the current one to shade the small plants from the summer heat, then when I harvest the current ones, they will get pulled and allow room for the new to grow up. I think I planted seeds too close though because they are growing but the current plants still have too far to go. We'll see what happens.


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