Whats ready to harvest in your garden?

daveswoodcraftAugust 8, 2012

Hi All

Just wanted to see where everybody elses gardens were at as far as whats being harvested.

As of yesterday August 7th I have picked 5 early tomatoes that should have been ripe mid july the latest

, Popcorn has jusst started to tassle,

lots of flowers on Hot chilis but only a few peppers so far.

Tomatilla plants are huge with 100's of flowers and fruit but all fruit still very small inside of husk

Picked and frozen about 7 lbs of green beans and just cut back the plants to see if I could get a second crop.

So what is ripe in your garden

Dave Dionne

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I'm just north of Concord NH. On Aug 8, I only had cherry tomatoes ready. Picked first 2 early tomatoes last weekend but others are starting to ripen. Pulled down the last of my sugar snap pea vines. Got one more meal's worth of good sugar snaps hiding among the dying vines.

The following are doing well: beets, swiss chard, lacinato kale, bush filet green beans, bush filet yellow beans, cucumbers, green peppers. We could have picked some earlier but I prefer to get larger and redder sweet peppers. I picked 2 bell varieties for pizza on Sunday. There's also some neglected Chinese cabbage I better pick soon. Zucchini still growing but starting to poop out.

Screwed up my broccoli. Didn't succession plant lettuce. Garlic is drying. Need to learn how to grow leeks.

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We didn't plant to much this year, also lost several things because of the weird weather. So far we have harvested garlic, peppers - both hot and bell types, tomatoes are starting, onions are ready to harvest. Next comes the squash, melons and corn.

Defrost49: Leeks are easy to grow. I start mine inside in January. When they get to tall, you can cut back the tops. Plant out in a trench in May and backfill with triple mix as they grow. Enjoy eating them in winter.

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