Observation of Japanese Beatles and Greenbeans

daveswoodcraftAugust 8, 2012

So something I have noticed this season, not sure how much it can be relied apoun but will try again next year and see.

I had 2 wide rows of green beans approx. 24" wide by 6� long

One row was Burpee Contender and the other Burpee stringless greenpod

About 1 � feet separated the rows.

There would be allot of Japanese beatle eating the leaves of the stringless plants down to fine lace and almost no beatles on the Contenders has anybody else noticed this? If I had no stringless would they have settled for the Contenders or found another food source?

Whats your thought

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I grow some reliables that seem to have some bug resistance. Zucchini Costata Romanesqua can survive striped cucumber beetles and squash bugs as long as I try to keep most of the bugs and eggs picked off.

Knock on wood, I don't have many Japanese beetles in the garden. First started seeing them this year on some weeds. This year we've left a swatch of wild meadow near the vegetable garden hoping to encourage good bugs and birds.

I'm going to guess that Contenders might not be very tasty to the Japanese beetles since they could easily have eaten both varieties.

Last night we watched a lot of dragonflies and birds swooping after smaller bugs. Some of the birds hunted on the lawn. We do not use chemicals on the lawn. We would kill good bugs as well as bad ones. Same goes for the gardens.

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