Can Lavender be grown in Zone 4?

organic_sharonaAugust 31, 2006

I live in a 'solid' zone 4 in South Western NY. Has anyone been successful in growing Lavender in Zone 4?

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ian_bc_north(z3 BC)

I am growing "Munstead" lavender in zone 3.
I went on a garden tour locally and one garden had a variety of lavenders.
If memory serves one of them was "Hidcote."
So yes, you can grow lavender, provided that the variety is sufficiently hardy.

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That's good to know. I have some I started from seed, and I was wondering if I should bring them indoors, or what. I guess I will leave them in the garden & see how they do.

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vrie(3/4 MT)

ian where do you plant it? Is it sheltered or on the south side or both? Do you leave it outside year round or is it potted? I want my lavender back bad, but two years worth of trying have so far failed. I lived in the desert before and had 4ft tall plants in a year and I miss it! But on the upside, I like being able to grow stuff in the summer here!

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ian_bc_north(z3 BC)

Hi Vrie,
I have my "Munstead" lavender in an exposed location. I leave it outside all year. Mine didn't flower this year. The fellow at the nursery who sold it to said that they were iffy here. They will survive some winters and croak other years. We tend to get good snowcover here.
The hardy lavenders all seem to be short.

The lavenders I saw on my garden tour were in a large plot surrounded by trees. I didn't ask about them but she has a large greenhouse.


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vrie(3/4 MT)

Darn- here we get those pesky chinooks- it feels great on a body for a few days but it tends to wipe out the "iffy's" that need to be covered etc. I guess I'm gonna be sneaking lavender into the house next winter, since I really want that one! our nurseries here classify pretty much any lavender as an annual, so I knew i was liable to be out of luck. Sometimes I wish for the solid snowcover - but not often!

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claubill(z3Sud ONT)

We too have Munstead lavendar and they've been coming back every year. However, I noticed that there's lots of grass and other weeds amongst them. Do you think it would be a good idea to pull out the lavendar, clean that area and then put the lavendar back in?

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

I've had a lavender plant growing outside in the ground for 3 years now. It's on the south end of my garage and in a somewhat sheltered location. I also mulch it quite heavily as snow cover is iffy. I'm in MN zone 4

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