lilac roots

appletreasure(zn 3)August 26, 2006

Can anyone tell me how deep lilac roots are?

I would like to hoe up close to the trunks to keep the weeds down.


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Lilac roots are both shallow and deep. If it is a mature Lilac you will not hurt it if you hoe 2 or 3 inches deep. You may find you will have a few Lilac shoots starting from where you cut through the roots. These shoots can be easily transplanted by cutting a root ball 8 to 12 inches deep and about a foot in diameter with a round nose shovel. I prefer to move these shoots in the fall as soon as the leaves drop and depending on height, may prune them back at the same time. Because I lived in zone 8, some limited root growth can occurr all winter and a little fertilizer in the spring sends them on their merry way. Others will dig and transplant these just as the buds begin to swell in the spring. Fetcher

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appletreasure(zn 3)

OK thanks for your help

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