Garlic Varieties

mitanoff(Z4b Ontario)August 12, 2009

I planted garlic in a raised bed, 5 cloves per sq ft.

All plants had scapes and seed heads (bubils or whatever). I didn't break them off.

  • Spanish Roja: DISMAL failure. Tiny bulbs of maybe 3 cloves were produced.

  • Wildfire: Small bulbs. Unless the flavour is rockin', byebye for next year.
  • Metechi: small -med bulbs
  • Persian Star: big bulbs
  • Music: med-big bulbs
  • Susan Delafield: med
  • Dan's Russian TBD
  • Leningrad TBD
  • GeorgianFire TBD

Will pull up the other bulbs soon. Will post pics when time allows. Hopefully will be able to taste a few to report on flavour.

My local Farmers Market sells a lot of "Music" and russian varieties. What grows well for you? (in our climate).

I will try to plant some of my harvest for next year to see if they get better since they will have been acclimatized and "darwinized". I'm too lazy to do anything with the bubils.

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