Aphids on my 'summer wine' Ninebark

cindilouwho(3-4)August 13, 2009

I am from Edmonton AB Canada. As I was watering last night my Ninebark looked very droopy. Thought at first it was just dry. When I looked closer, I noticed every leaf is full of aphids (I think that is what they are). How do I help this beautiful bush? Is there help? Thanks.

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Do you have a hose end sprayer--the kind that miracle grow has? If so put 1/4 cup of mouth wash--the cheap kind with alcohol in it, in the bottle. Don't substitute rubbing alcohol. it has to be the kind you can drink or put in your mouth.

Add a teaspoon of lemon dish soap. Be careful with the soap too much can burn the leaves. Connect it to the hose and wait until the bottle fills with water. and spray the tree all over getting the undersides of the leaves. The solution mixes with the water so you don't over do it.

Spray in early morning or early evening. Do this so the leaves have a chance to dry before the hot sun hits them, or the cool night air hits them. The latter can cause fungal diseases.

Alternatively you can use insecticidal soap. Check often because it may have to be repeated.

If you can't do this right away give the tree a spray with the hoseend sprayer--don't set it on jet but on something that is not a fine spray. You are looking to dislodge the pests and maybe drown them but you don't want it so strong you'll tear the leaves

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