Black Eyed Susan - not blooming

wildflowers_2010August 1, 2010

Hi there - I live in North York region of GTA.

My black eyed susan are growing with healthy leaves at about 14" high and maybe 2 feet wide. However, other than the 2 stems with buds, I'm not seeing any flowers.

It's in a partial shade area. Is there any chance that it might be a late bloomer and I might see flowers in August?

I moved into this house a year ago and I do remember that it produced a lot of flowers last year.

Thansk for your help.

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Hi, I'm "visiting" here to take a break from the heat!

My black-eyed susans are blooming now, so yours may not have had enough hot weather yet, & you do have a couple of buds, which sounds like the plant is gearing up to bloom.

Also, mine are in full sun even in my hot climate;
yours might like full sun better than part shade.

I wouldn't move them until after their bloom season;
upsetting plants will interrupt the cycle, & you'd likely lose this year's flowers.

After they stop blooming, you might move them to a sunnier spot.

Best luck!

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I'm in Markham; my black eyed susans (rudbeckias) have been blooming since the last week of July. They are in full sun, get no fertilizer nor water from me (only rain) and are a good 3-4 feet tall. If they bloomed well last year, could it be there's a plant that grew taller nearby and shaded them out?

Abnormal large leaves, leaves suddenly turning very dark green, and/or larger than normal distance between leaves on the stem (similar to 'leggy seedlings') usually means the plant is not getting enough sun.

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I live in North Central PA. My Rudbekia that are doing wonderful are in mostly shade. They look great this year. My Rudbekia that is in full sun are having difficulty this year. Rudbekia like to have their roots heavily watered and then dry, and the heavily watered. I would not recommend moving the plant if the leaves look healthy. I would give it a good drink of compost tea, once a month until first frost. If you don't have compost you can use Mircle grow for flowers and veggies. It most likely didn't bloom because the soil needs conditioning. I had the same problem the peonies I planted last year. They look great and healthy but they didn't bloom this year. Then I realized that I planted them in the same area with my early spring bulbs which I heavily fertilized with a custom blend to promote root growth. The soil was out of balance so the plants focused on root growth instead of flowering. Too late for this year but, next year will be geat.

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