August Gardening and Mosquitos

evaryAugust 28, 2012

OK, this may be a little strange. Just wanted to know if anyone else has developed a paranoia to being in their gardens because of those pesky little mosquitos and that whole west nile virus scare. Is it just me being paranoid, or other people scared to be in their own gardens too???

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I'm not scared. For one thing, I don't get a lot of bug bites. Maybe because I cook with a lot of garlic. I don't use bug spray unless it's black fly season. Use what is recommended and just stay in during the times of the day when mosquitoes are out. Today, where I live, is probably only in the 70s with a ligh breeze. It's a great time to be working outside.

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

I'm on the prairie and there is usually a breeze which enables me to work somewhere in the yard. Besides it's been so dry here the mosquito population is currently very low. If necessary I'll use repellent but they don't bother me much unless their are a lot of them. I've wondered about the garlic having an effect. (No vampires around my house!)

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I work late in the garden at times without a shirt and get bitten a lot (oddly the more you are bitten the less you feel them, must over load the nervous system)

I come in with my back and legs looking like mountain ranges which annoys my sig. other, but all I do is take a shower and they do not seem to bother me any more.
Now what are called biting gnats, that is a different story.

I would not worry about it, life it too short to let experts the sky is falling bs ruin it.

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