Frogs in the basement cut outs

paulsiu(5a)August 26, 2009


I recently move to Illinois and move to a suburb that sits next to a man-made wetland. One thing I did notice is a large number of frogs that falls into the basement window cutout. I find one trapped once every couple of days. I usually catch them and release them back into the wetland.

I was wondering how I can prevent them falling into the grate? Can I use a finer mesh grate?

In addition, was it OK to release the frogs into the wetland? They seemed to be native in the area.

When I mow my lawn, how do I avoid running them over. They are so hard to spot.


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glen3a(Winnipeg MB 3A)

Some sort of finer grate may keep them from falling in. My parents had tree frogs in their yard that seemed to be more of a problem during wet years where they would hang out on their lawn and by the house. I guess they prefer a moist setting. Anyway, not sure how to avoid running them over, though I know they are pretty good at jumping out of the way of the lawnmower.

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you can try putting a window screen or similar, or fill the gap with gravel so water drains away and won't stay wet (frogs don't really like dry places)

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