need advise on asparagus care .

xcaret(Calgary Alberta)September 1, 2013

I have two asperagus plants growing in my yard. Ones growing and has grass all around it , the other is in with a cotonia aster bush. How should I take care of them. do I dig around the plant to get rid of the grass, should I cut the cotonia aster bush down?? This plant is skinny and about 3 feet tall ,I ate the tip off it today and it was delicious. I thought spears werre suposed to stick up from the ground,not apear on the tip of the tallest branch,( not really a branch ) .. Is there a web site showing how to look after one of these plants ?
Thanks, Neil

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Hi. I've been growing asparagus for years and its a great crop to grow. I'm wondering tho if you had put the asapagus there or did it just 'pop up' there? Ideally it should be harvested in the spring when the shoots are about 7-10 inches tall. you can cut them with a knife or just snap them off. So I would plant it in a place that it can be easily worked on as you will need to weed the area by hand because the root system is very close to the surface. Keep in mind that if you do transplant, it will take 3 years to get a full crop. Pick nothing the first year, about half the second year for an 8 week period, and go crazy with it the third year!! Another suggestion is that you might want to plant more because once you taste it fresh out of your own garden you're going to want more. Its very easy to grow,after harvesting for 8 weeks just let it do its thing until it dies in the fall. then cut all the dead shoots down and wait for spring!!

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If your asparagus patch is very weedy, you will have to take care and weed by hand pulling out as much as possible. I would suggest waiting until after a heavy rain or watering the area thoroughly to soften the ground. Pulling weeds should not hurt much as long as you dont lift the crown out. Asparagus is very hardy and very forgiving. If its impossible to weed without hurting the plant you might want to pull the plant, prepare a new bed and start over. Keep in mind that you wont get a crop the first year again. But it will be a good chance to put in more plants. My recommendation is about 10 plants. Putting some compost or manure into the planting trench is a good idea too.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

I have a bed for over 20 years, weeding them by hand is very labor intensive but you'll be rewarded. This is our first vegetable in spring, ..a little in late season when it gets cooler. We grew them from seeds in spring and transplanted in fall. Plant in deep tranches and fill in even in two years.
Yes, around the 3rd season or so you'll have larger sprouts, let the small one's grow up and don't harvest, let them dry up into spring, this will get you a larger crop, only pick, brake off larger shoots.

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