Nefertiti planted in a sand dune

zkathy(7a NC)September 19, 2013

How lucky for me that my day off yesterday was one of the most spectacular gardening days of the year! And I had nine new hostas that needed a home.

There is a small hillock that even weeds don't grow well on and I decided that should be where the h. Nefertiti should live. I had never put a shovel into this area and as I did I found out why the weeds won't grow. There was about a half inch of what might be called topsoil then completely decomposed granitic rock AKA sand. Exactly the same color as the North Carolina sea shore, just a little more lumpy.

Thanks so much to those of you who posted about growing in Florida! I sunk a pot into the hole, filled it with dirt and put Nefertiti in. Pictures follow.

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zkathy(7a NC)

The pot settled into the hill.

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zkathy(7a NC)

Nefertiti on her new hillside throne.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Lovely real estate! A gorgeous lady on her throne...I can see her subjects around her in the near future? :-)

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ZKathy, it is interesting that you can "sleeve" your Nefertiri and the rain or other water will drain out the bottom. Now that is truly sandy!

In my place, nothing even close to sand. We have almost a rich heavy loam with a tad more clay than I'm used to. I've always had a fertile well draining soil before. But this little cottage of ours sits on the highest point around the neighborhood, at 22 feet above sea level. What keeps it higher than the spots down on the river is the presence of a clay mound. Yep, only place I've lived in Mobile that is not a nicely acidic soil, we have to balance the pH for my shrubs even the azaleas and camellias. No problem with the hosta, since they are primarily potted.

If I put a pot w/in a pot like you are showing, it would take 90 forevers to drain.

I appreciate seeing how you did it. Now I understand how it is supposed to work.

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That's one steep hill Kathy.

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