Flowers that bloom in August

bride_2_be(3b)September 17, 2004


I will be getting married at my home next August. It will be outdoors, and I would like to plant flowers that will go with my wedding colours (mauve & white). Could someone tell me what flowers bloom in August. It does not matter if they are annuals or perrenials. I have a jackmanii(Dark purple)clematis growing in the back garden as well as what I beleive to be African Mums(tall yellow flowers).These are still in bloom now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I live close to Sudbury Ontario.

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mytime(3/4 Alaska)

Check out the far north forum, the "what's blooming now" posts for the dates in August. If you're just now or in the spring planting perennials, I would think you will be filling in with a lot of annuals. You can get most flowering plants in white, and the choices for different purples are great. Petunias, lobelia, and pansies immediately come to mind for no-fail bloom all season long, unless your summers are too hot for pansies.

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daisiensam(z4 ont)

I'm in Sudbury also bride to be. My dahlias are in bloom, mini roses, turtles head, black eyed susan vine,honeysuckle vine, morning glories, pansies, geraniums and a couple that I'm not sure of the names. My most beautiful blooms right now are my 4 brugmansia plants (angels trumpet) just magnificent! I will have cuttings of these soon if you like.

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That would be wonderful Daisiensam, thank you. I am quite new to this site, so I am not sure how this works. How do we go about getting cuttings. I live in the Markstay area, but my fiance works at Memorial. I have a clematis(Jackmanii) that I could trade a cutting from or I also have three colors of hollyhock (purple ,pink,white) that are full of seed.

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Judy_B_ON(Ontario 5B)

Asters bloom in mid August and come in white and various shades of blue/violet/mauve. However, they are perennial and take several years to get to a good size, so likely won't have a lot of blooms by next August. Almost all perennials will be the same as the asters; if you plant them now or next spring they will not have many blooms until 2006.

I suggest you plant lots of annuals next May that bloom June to Sept, (most annuals do, ask a garden centre for advice on what is good in your local area). Plant them densely, keep them fertilized and watered and hope they are dense for the wedding. If that doesn't work out, then buy lots of potted mums in mauve and white (in the nurseries by August) and place them in the garden.

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Hey there!

A good mauve flower (or so I like to think) is the purple obediant plant. They were in bloom in August, they're a very pale purple and look quite delicate.

Here's them against coneflowers and black-eyed susans (farther view):

A good white-flowering plant is mallow, can't remember the actual name. If you plant the seeds in the springtime, they should grow to flowering size by august.

I don't have a photobucket picture of mallow plants, but there's a flower close-up picture on



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daisiensam(z4 ont)

Hi bride to be. I will be taking cuttings from my brugs this weekend,if you want to send me your email address I could give you my phone number and you or your fiance can drop in and pick them up. Also I have those obedient plants in pink and white and they sure bloomed in August. I also have another tall one in purple but I don't know what it is, they all have plenty of seeds I can give you. I would love a clematis cutting and a couple of seeds from each of your hollyhocks.

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You can get annual asters that will bloom in August as well. They put on a great show, and if you get a mixed variety all the colors would be good with your wedding colors. They are easy to start from seed, and the annual type will flower the first year.

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debbb(zone 6B)

Congratulations! I went to a plant show the other day and they had the most beautiful display! It was deep purple asters with deep pinky purple dahlias. (almost purple) These both bloom in August (get aster Variety Moench which blooms from July on). I plan to use this combo next summer. Good luck!

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MqtMatt(z5 Marquette,MI)

Dahlias and glads might be a good choice. You could stagger multiple plantings of the glads to ensure that some of them will be blooming at all times.

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we live in upstate new york and are planning
a late august wedding 2011. we would like
some showy color we though of peonies-do they bloom
in late august please help.
thank you

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i too am getting married in late august this year and looking to fill in my perennial garden with extra annuals for are garden wedding. Peonies are my favorite flower, however they bloom in mid june unfortunately.

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