Perennial question.....

haley_Z6(z6 MA)September 1, 2004

I split Black Eye Susan yesterday and planted a large bunch in a new spot....should I cut both groups back to the leaves or should i let them die off naturally for the end of the year????

I completely had to move my Russian Sage as we may be doing the construction project before the snow arrives, and if this is the case, I need to clear out all plants NOW when I can see them before they get trampeled and/or dug up by construction......SO......should i cut this all the way to the ground or just looks like it is drying up though i know it is not with the rains and the sprinkler system we have....

ALSO.....I need to move a Potentilla sits right were the new door will is the root system on this plant???? LARGE, S p r a w l i n g , or compact????

Thanks Much

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Haley, any perennials can be moved right now and they don't need to be cut back until spring. A little bonemeal in the planting holes will help their root systems, and they should settle in well to their new homes. No idea about potentilla, though!

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haley_Z6(z6 MA)

Marcia thanks, i figured they should do fine, but wanted to make sure....looks like the BES is setting seed too...

This Potentilla has me stumped.

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The question is, how large is this potentilla bush??? I will be moving 4 around our property over the weekend, and have no doubt they will survive. From what I understand, shrub roots can extend to the drip line of the shrub. This is the outermost area of the branches. So you determine the tips of the branches, visualize a straight line to the ground, and start excavating there...
I can't see a poltentilla's roots going too deep, and even if I do break some, they are really tough shrubs, and with some watering in their new spot, they will be OK.

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haley_Z6(z6 MA)


Thank you for that info, thats exactly what i needed to know...mine was only planted last year and isn't that large yet so this will be an easy move.....hearing you in Canada moving some this weekend and having faith in them makes me feel better, this was a new species to me last year and was doing very good this year...thank you again

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