hall's almonds when to harvest? staking?

artemis_7(z7 OR)July 26, 2005

I have three hall's almonds which all have fruit now. they have really grown a lot and are very tall 15 ft and spindly. do I need to somehow stake them? are they likely to break in a big winter storm?

also when do I harvest the fruit? can I eat the outer fruit? do I need to cure them?


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The info I have states to harvest when the outer hull splits to reveal the pit. Remove the outer leathery hull and dry them spread out, in the sun for a few days (away from the critters). When ready, they should rattle in their shells. The tree should fill out in subseqent years after it's initial growth stage.

Cheers, Barrie.

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hemnancy(z8 PNW)

I'm not getting a lot of nuts yet, second year, but hope they will produce more as they get bigger. I like that the squirrels don't seem to know they are edible so I finally get to harvest some nuts. The flavor is much more intense than store normal almonds too.

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This cultivar belongs to Prunus x persicoides, the hybrid between almond and peach. Intermediate characters can be seen in leaves and flowers. Peach heritage supposed to make kernels bitter, inedible raw, yet I have eaten them right out of the shell, from local trees more than once. Sizable specimen (now dead) I spotted from the freeway in Marysville was being attended by gray squirrels while I stood there looking at it. They were coming across a wide roadway to get at the nuts, in a not very well treed neighborhood.

Shouldn't need staking unless rootbound, toppling over. Need for fungicidal sprays main thing that is likely to "crop" up at some point.

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Ron B wrote that Halls almonds are bitter raw? Anyone have experience how to preserve them so they taste better?
It will be our first yr with a harvest of them.
thanks for ideas!

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I bought a Hall's Hardy Almond tree a few years ago. This is the first year it has borne fruit. I haven't gotten into the "nut" yet, but the fruit tastes just like a peach, a good peach at that. I learned here that it's a peach/almond cross. What is the experience of folks here - do the fruits typically look and taste like a peach?
Maybe mine is more peach than nut. From what I'm reading here, that might be okay.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Maybe you got sold a peach tree by mistake, there should be no edible flesh on the nuts - cultivar sold in the past as a pure almond tree even though it is actually a hybrid, the most obvious distinctions being the (partial) peach tree features visible in the leaves and flowers. Otherwise, I've wondered if the inconsistency between descriptions (bitter) and what I've encountered (sweet and edible raw) might be due to seedlings being sold instead of a uniform grafted clone. Theoretically a full range of such seedlings could include one more like a peach tree, unless there is some specific genetic reason for this not to happen.

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Thanks, I think I must have a peach tree. It was purchased from a nursery, but I don't know if it was grafted or from a seedling. Sounds like I might be better off with the peach though.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

The locally grown nuts I've sampled have been quite nice.

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Ratherbgardening(PNW 7 or 8)

Hemnancy, the squirrels will most likely find it. I've had one for several years and they discovered it 2 or 3 years ago, but I don't think they get them all like they do the hazelnuts.

I don't care much for the nuts myself. They taste like almond extract smells, if that makes sense. I have another almond tree whose name escapes me, but it hasn't set fruit yet, even though I've had it for at least 5 years.I think it blooms too early.

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