Hardy Hibiscus?

HENRYSLAWEK(5A5B)September 1, 2004

I grow them from seeds the first time. The foilage is very attractive, glossy and fringed(?) but no flowers yet.

They are about 2+ feet. The person with whom I exchanged seeds (over here) told me that the plants are also called "winter poinsettia". What I see from photos in this forum none of those plants' leaves look like mine. They seem to be more round like Mellow. Mine are different, sort like Japanese Maple. Maybe this is perennial and will not bloom the first year?

Please help me to id it and any info will be appreciated.



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Does it look like

If so, then it's a rose of sharon, which is related to the hibiscus and I think is a bit hardier.


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NO, it doesn't look like that. The leaves are very narrow. It does not look like a Hibiscus at all. And the brunches are NOT woody like Hibiscus. I wish I had a scanner...goshhhh.

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Audric, I found it on the Hibiscus Forum thanks to one of the members who posted a pic of that plant. It is "Hibiscus Coccineus". Any idea if would survive in z5ab?

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Hey Henry..I'm up by Cornwall. I'm a firm believer that you can keep almost anything alive with enough straw! Your Hibuscus is a marsh plant from the southern US. Lotsa straw! Lotsa water. It'll get taller than you then bloom..lotsa blooms..falling all over trying to reach that low sun of ours.This one is worth the effort..when it blooms..WOW!! Good luck to you!
You can make pansies a perennial with a nice straw blanket..they will seed and turn into big patches of color..say ice blue..goes great with the daffy's!
I used to grow hybrid roses up here..but those nice high piles of straw put the mole population in overload and they ate the roses. I didn't have trouble with them where the straw was just a foot or so thick...watch for mole holes!

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