TLC for a newly acquired Passiflora

claubill(z3Sud ONT)September 15, 2004


My neighbour has given me a passiflora vine, the flowers are purple, no scent can discearned. It is happy as a lark in the pot it presently lives in, how do I over winter my new arrival?

Bill of Claubill

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glen3a(Winnipeg MB 3A)

I am no expert, but I did grow one from seed a few years ago. Brought it inside for the winter, placing it on the brightest windowsill possible. Actually, it was a basement windowsill. I had to trim it back a bit before bringing it in. Watered moderately in winter. In spring, it started growing quite a bit while still inside. Again, I had to trim off some of the growth because it was weak. I conclude that they seem to tolerate trimming well.

Anyways, I placed back outside but this time planted directly in the ground. It grew like crazy, but never did bloom. The next winter, I tried to overwinter it outside, but unfortunately it didn't survive.

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