oak leaves for garden mulch?

sidonieMarch 28, 2007

Hello all --

I've taken the plunge and started my vegetable garden early, too, and I have a question for y'all: I live near Lake Thunderbird and so have literally tons of oak leaves (blackjack and post oak) lying around. Can I use them as mulch in the vegetable beds, or do they have too much of something in them to be good for that? Thanks in advance for any advice you can share!

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Oak leaves make a great mulch. They also feed the soil as they break down.

I always shred oak leaves with a leaf shredder before using them as mulch, or chop them up with the lawnmower. You can leave them full-sized, but then you may have a problem with them blowing around the garden when it is windy.

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okiegardener(z7 OK)

I also have lots of oak trees and make mulch from the shredded leaves. In fact, I have three large yard bags full of them right now making quick compost. The only caution is try not to get too many acorns with the leaves - just take leaves that blow against fences or other plants. If you rake the ground under the trees for leaves, you'll get a lot of acorns mixed up with them and they are bad. The tanic acid in them inhibits growth and you don't want to put any of them around your plants or veggies. But the leaves themselves are great mulch and compost. Have fun!

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Thank you both for the info and the encouragement! Looks like I need to get out there and pile some of those chopped leaves on, with this cold weather heading this way... thanks again!

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Oak leaves are some of the most nutritious leaves (for plants) there are to use for plants and organic matter added to soil. You are very lucky to have a source.


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I have heard that the oak leaves are full of something that roses love.

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