Thyme ground cover dying

zucchini(5a ONT)September 27, 2012

I live in Canada North of Toronto Zone 5a

My front lawn is all thyme...It was here when we bought this was beautiful and full growing in lovely little

mounds..since last summer there are many bald patches, they start off brown and turn bald. There is a lot of grass growing in the time, and I try to pull out the grass..Not

sure what to do now in October as I would love to see it

in full beautiful bloom again next year..

any tips??

cheers, zucchini near Georgian Bay

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I'm going to guess that the oldest plants have gotten choked out or just too old. You can get more thyme plants by layering, partially cover the plants with soil. Where the stems tough the ground, they'll put down roots. Suggest you dig out oldest plants and grass so it can rejuvenate. I would add some compost.

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Unfortunately thyme plants do get old and start to brown from their center. This also depends on the type of thyme. Wooley thyme is probably the best as it is very dense and little else can get through. If you have grass growing up in your tyhme you will never be able to really dig it all out. I don't mean to sound like a pessimist but you might be faceing a do over. This type of application is often nice for a couple of year but then falls apart. Good luck!

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