Miss Mary Peony

diane_v_44(Z6)September 29, 2013

The other day at one of the big box centres which one I will not name, a number of pots of plants, perenials that I looked at, where being discarded

I had a look at the pots and for sure the plants mostly had nothing growing left on top of the pot Some even overwatered but they didn't smell stinky at all. Nor the dirt soured

At any rate there was a young lad cleaning up, and I asked if I might take a few of these pots.

he said that would be okay but most liikely they where dead
Well I thought I would have that little bit of dirt and an extra pot to take to my garden club for spring plantings.

At any rate there where some phlox white ones, and a couple of other perenials that I have not looked up yet and didn't really know
So before planting them I will have a look to see just what they are
What interested my most though was three pots of
Miss Mary Peony

It is listed as a large single very fragrant flower making even a great cut flower.

I just came in from planting them in my front border and right close to the sidewalk side of it.
I was very pleased when I took each plant out of the pot, that although the top had pretty much died down on each of them the tips and roots look very good.

So I am a happy lady
Seems nothing that we Canadians like better than getting something good, for nothing.. And there is that feeling that I have saved those plants from becoming a part of a load of garbage.

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jel48(Z4 Michigan)

Sounds like a great haul, Diane! What good recovery work!

Here's an interesting fertilizer tip for you,for those plants on their last legs... My neighbor told me the other day, that her grandmother could recover practically dead plants better then anyone! Her trick? Birth control pills! She said her grandmother crushed up birth control pills, dissolved them in water, and watered the plants with the mixture. I asked if that wasn't kind of expensive fertilizer and she said her grandmother would get expired samples from her medical clinic! She didn't know whether they really worked as good fertilizer or not, but said again that her grandmother seemed to have really good success with it. Who'd have thought?

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I looked up the peony and it is a beauty! In case you haven't looked it up there's a picture at this link. Marg http://www.estabrooksonline.com/catalog2/perennials/perennial.asp?id=Paeonia

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Thanks for the note
I did look it up and it is quite lovely for sure

Was a great deal and I think the kid really should not have let me have those plants

Even though they where headed for garbage Seems to be policy nowadays To just throw them out rather than give away any plants.

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