Chicago Hardy Fig - what to do for winter

UkuleleLadySeptember 26, 2013

Hi there,
I have a detached garage which I think gets pretty cold (Ontario) as it's unheated, so I'm not sure if that's safe for my fig tree. This is it's first season, almost 3 feet tall, with a few fig buds on it. I've read that it's not good to bring it indoors. Anyone have experience with this?

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There is a radio garden program from California, Farmer Fred. He has a blog and web site and radio program as I mentioned. Why I mention him to you Ukulele Lady is that he has had a program on fruit tasting recently ANd figs in particular I didn't know there where so many figs in existence.
If you put Farmer Fred on your internet yu might be able to find the program Was interesting reading and his show is very good.
Did you pick your name, by chance form a Bette Middler song called Ukulele lady. Is one of my favourite songs.

I am in Ontario as well Barrie. ANd have an unheated garage I do keep my chrysanthemums in there and some other things that will overwinter
Some things do make it in there and others do not Dahlias and Canna lily for sure do not
I always plan every fall to put the big pots in there and make an enclosure within the garage to maybe give a few more degrees of warmth but never get around to doing so.

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I have a Chicago Hardy Fig. I live in Plattsburgh NY, zone 4b to 5. I overwintered mine in my unheated basement last year. It is an old house with a stone basement. My fig did great down there. I probably brought it out too early. I noticed it had fat leaf buds in early April and brought it up to my sunroom. I had mites on the leaves by the time I could safely move it outside. Next year I will keep it in the dark a couple of more weeks. Hope this helps, and good luck,

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