Free Mulch in Edmond/OKC

Solorya(7a)March 1, 2013

I'm still relatively new to the area--are there any tree services that give away mulch for free? I've called a couple of places with no returned phone calls. Also, anywhere I can dump my bermuda-laced grass? Our backyard was solid grass when we bought our house and I'm working hard to add some flower beds and a gardening area with mulch paths--I'm having to go 9" or more to get most of this blasted bermuda grass and don't know where I'm going to put it!

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Hello, welcome to Edmond! I own a tree service out of Edmond, and will gladly dump a load of mulch in the Edmond area for free. If its outside of Edmond, I do charge for gas, sadly those dump trucks are not quite fuel efficient yet. Usually we dump once a week, and we might have to dump this morning. If you want you can call me at 513-3315 and perhaps we can get you some mulch!

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solorya, Keep trying. The company that trims under the power lines gives the ground up tree limbs away. Two of my neighbors got a huge pile, even delivered free, but you have to have a place where they can back in a dump truck.

I have never thrown away the soil where I have put in a bed, I dont even throw away the grass I pull out of the garden. The Bermuda I just throw it out onto the lawn and run over it with the mower or let the sun dehydrate it and toss it back into the garden. ( I do knock all the soil off of the sol first) If have Johnson grass that stuff goes to the burn pile.


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


I separate the soil from the bermuda roots and stolons. Then I bag them up and dispose of them or I throw them on a cold compost pile out back in an out-of-the-way place where I'm sheet composting on an eroded hillside to repair the eroded areas. In this case, the bermuda stolons and roots will dehydrate and die because they are on top of a wooded hugelkultur pile about 5' tall that fills an eroded gully, They cannot and do not survive long enough up in the air on top of the wood to root down and grow. I'd never throw them on a hot, working compost pile because they'd survive long enough to grow like mad and soon the compost pile would be a bermdua grass pile.

Are you going to remove all the soil and then fill in that area with purchased soil? In so, and you're removing the grass and soil 9" down as a sort of solid mass, you could pile it all up in a big pile, wet it down really well and cover it with cardboard and then put thick black plastic over it.Weigh down the edges of the plastic so the grass cannot escape and grow. After a few months, the grass under the plastic will be pretty much dead and you can pull all the grass out of the pile and you'll have dirt and compost to use somewhere in your landscape.

If you want to get rid of it all, grass and soil, you could post a "free bermuda grass" listing on Craigslist or your local Freecycle website and someone who wants to start a bermuda grass lawn likely would come get it and haul it away for you.

I never get rid of soil, even if I think it is bad soil. I just keep adding compost and other organic matter to it until it is no longer "bad" soil. Soil is fixable, even if it is currently infested with bermuda grass. You just have to get the bermuda out and that does require persistence on your part. If you leave as little as a 1/4" long piece of stolon about every 3' from the area you're clearing, those little pieces will grow back fast enough that by mid-summer, bermuda grass will cover the entire area. So, digging it out is a good start, but be sure you watch for any regrowth of bermuda and immediately dig it out as soon as it appears.


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