Need A Garden Buddy in Northern Ontario...October

Debbie_N_Ontario(zone 2)October 19, 2007

Sorry about that Marcia. LOL I just wasn't thinking it was October, I guess I'm was in denial......LOL

We had snow last week. It snowed for over 24hrs but luckily most of it melted when it hit the ground. About 3-4 inches stuck. When it melted the flowers were bent over but they are still mostly green. *L*

We have taken our garage down and have a 5 x 10ft shed built. Took a bunch of stuff to the dump but there is still lots of stuff to go in the shed as there is no way it is all going to fit. So I will have to decide what is going to have to go to the dump, that will make 5 huge loads to the dump. I hate throwing stuff away, cause ya know, when u throw something away that is when u need it. *L* It took 3 weeks to get it done because of all the rain we got. I wish the sun would come out for a week or so. I still have to paint the door on the shed and I don't know how when the wood is soaked and it is cold now. So Marcia, that is what I have been doing lately. Waiting for men to get the job finished,,,, U know what that is like, don't ya? *LOL* And now I have to wait for son to come around and put the stuff IN the shed and get it off the driveway and my gardens! But the good news is I now have more planting area. *G*

The leaves are mostly gone off the trees and a lot of the birds have gone south already too. I have started bagging up my amaryllis and taking them down into the basement too.

That's about it.........Take care

Debbie :-)

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

That's the first thing i thought of when you said you took the garage down - more garden space! LOL Big job, eh? And yes i know what it is to wait for men to get things done. Lots of experience with that! When it's their own things, that's a different story, but when it's something you need done, it sits on the back burner.

Boy, have we had the rain here. We barely have two days in a row where it doesn't rain. I've slowly been getting things done. Most of my containers are dumped, but i have most of my geraniums still in the mini-greenhouse. I want to bring them in, but dh has to fix something on the window where they're supposed to go - see above paragraph. LOL

On the weekend, my son's gf's daughter and i potted up a bunch of bulbs i had bought for her and buried them in the vegetable garden. She was supposed to get a garden made for her this fall but there has been way too much other stuff that they've had to do. This way, they'll be ready for the spring. I told her i'd buy the ties, etc. to make her garden myself.

I also just started raking leaves on Sunday. There just hasn't been the time, or the right weather for doing it. At least the vegetable garden is cleaned out. Dh wanted to till it, but it has been just too wet. The forecast now says it will be sunny for the next little while, but that changes like the wind - there's no sense in counting on that!

You said you were "bagging up" your amaryllis. Most of mine still have green leaves. Do you have to wait until their leaves die back? And do they have to be put in a cool dark place, or does just dark work? I'd love to have the darn things rebloom for me, but they never do!

Well, it's bedtime now (she said, yawning). Talk to you again soon!


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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Heads up! November tomorrow! :)

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Debbie_N_Ontario(zone 2)

Marcia, it's NOT November!! I refuse to believe it!! It's just terrible weather for July.LOL
I will continue this on in the new thread,,but I'm NOT saying the N word! LOL


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