Holly Leaf Drop

schizo(6)October 29, 2008

I brought my newly purchased potted hollies into the garage one night when we were expecting a cold snap. I am still preparing the bed for them so they were not yet planted.

That was 4 days ago. I didn't realize they would be adversely affected. Now all the leaves are drying up and dropping off the plants. One of the 4 has no leaves at all!

Was it too dark in the garage? The light is never on and there are two small windows but not near the holly.

Will they come back? It is cold outside, but I watered them and moved them to the front porch which is the most protected outside area I have.

Should I fertilize them? Should I bring them in at night? I do want to plant them this season, when we have a few nice days so I don't want them to get too used to the warm??

Any help or insight would be appreciated!!

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