growing tomatoes at home in the winter

daisy__3(z3MN)October 12, 2006

Has anyone had good luck with growing tomatoes (zone 3) in the winter months for eating...are the cherry tomatoes the best...they would be grown in our plantroom facing the south...the thought of those from the store is not a pleasant thought.....thanks for any ideas.....

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vrie(3/4 MT)

I keep yellow pears growing in the winter in my south facing sunroom- at least until it freezes REALLY hard for days on end- the sunroom isn't heated. Last year we were eating them at the end of november. I had not put in warming lights last year, so maybe this year will be better!

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alicemagooey(z5 ON,CA)

i just purchased something which is not all that expensive considering what it is and what it does..
' it is called aerogrow..

it is an all in one, on-timer , hydroponic growing kit in which i am growing presently three cherry tomato plants.

oh yes, i found out a little late that to purchase the tomato seeds and nutrients which go spcifically hydroponically with the tomatoes is an extra cost. nevertheless, i am really hopeful that i will indeed be able to grow tomatoes (cherry ones) indoors this year.

Here is a link that might be useful: aerogrow

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ofpill(5a - Ottawa)

I think the library has a book called Solviva (is that the right name?). Anyhow, Carlingwood has it and it details the possibilities of growing tomatoes indoors.

Also, there are types of tomatoes called winter keepers (Mapple farm) sells seed which ripen indoors and taste at least better than supermarket ones. They are reputed to last different amounts of time.

Looking forward to seeing how it goes!

Here is a link that might be useful: Ottawa Hortiphilia

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I have not grown tomatoes indoor for a while, my last attempt was not a success , got too many white flies. but I course I was growing them in soil. I found some good Heirloom tomatoes, that keep very good, I had tomatoes, until Jan.
I picked them green, and kept them cool,they were better tasting then the store ones.

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I'm new so bare with me. Do not use Metal Hilide Lamps. I use a High Preasure Sodium lamp. If your winters are dry like my home in Wyoming, use a humidifyer (DO NOT HAVE VAPORS CONTACT THE BULB!!!) Mist the foliage. DO NOT OVER WATER! Soil testers for moisture for under $20.00 are out there, ask any garden suply place (store or online).
When it comes to fertilizers, nutrients to add to water to mist leaves follow directions that come with those products. My HPS lamp warms any chilly spot where tomatoes are, since it throws a light with a wide spectrum I don't feel Sun Light Deprevation problems like I have in the past, it lights up quite a bit in the living room, and the price to run one is not the horror stories I've heard.
I Wish Best of Success

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Jansgarden(z4, WV)

I have grown cherry tomatoes in my South facing window. The trick was that you have to have a tiny artists paint brush on hand and each day brush over each blossom to polinate them. Then you will get a lot more tomatoes. I
I have been wanting to share this tidbit, My first try at cherry tomatoes was when I took one home from the Pizza Hut salad bar. I rubbed the seeds on my napkin and after they dried, planted them and they grew fine. Since then this is the way I save all my tomatoe seeds, just by wiping them on my napkin or paper towel, write the kind it is right on the towel, and let it dry then put it in a container with a lid until planting time. Jan

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An artist's paintbrush isn't really necessary... just take one blossom and lightly 'tickle it' onto another blossom and that will pollinate each also.

Brenda (who also has fresh cherry tomatoes in the house)

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This winter I have a cherry tomato plant growing in my living room. The only problem I have had is it is growing way to big. It touched the celling so I had to take it down and actualy wrap it around two sticks in the pot to make it shorter. It is still producing tomatoes, but I think it is getting pot bound. I hope it lives untill spring because I want to plant it outside and see if I will have the largest cherry tomato plant ever, hehe.

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I put a couple romas in my south facing window every year. I use just a regular grow light right above them to make "daylight" last until I go to bed (about 10 pm). Works great and they taste ALOT better than store bought tomatoes.

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If you are interested in winter vegetable gardening, check out Elliot Coleman's book 'Four Season Harvest'! I am sorry I can't recommend any specific varieties of tomato for indoor crops.

Good luck with your tomatoes,


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