H. 'Rainforest Sunrise' chewed

jan_on zone 5bSeptember 16, 2012

Something bit holes in these leaves, and none others in the garden. I wondered if maybe earwigs ate like this. Someone suggested flea beetles. Any thoughts?

(And I can't figure out how to correct a spelling error in a photo caption.


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bkay2000(8a TX)

Errors are not always correctable in a photo after it's been saved. It depends on the program and what format you saved the program in. However, to correct it (if it's possible), open the photo in the program you used to label it. Tell the program to create the label. If it's not hard saved, it will open the label and you can edit it. If you saved it in .jpeg, you can't change it, at least on my program.

I don't know about your bug problem.


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Are the holes in many cases still showing remnants of a clear covering or are the holes entirely through the leaf?

Early in the season, I had sawflies on the leaves, and then I noticed in the soil beneath the plants traceries of silver but not slug slime. This was like silver threads. And, then the holes came. I used the Bayer spray on them, but also discovered that the ammonia solution sprayed on the soil, leaf top and bottoms, also helped get rid of them.

The sawfly larva move around on the soil surface and not sure if the eggs are laid on the leaf or not. Most of the larva that I FOUND were on the leaves falling from the trees above. So check for the dead leaves and see if they are hosting some larva which can also go to your hosta.
Looks sort of like my chewed leaves.

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bernd ny zone5

I have these holes now too. This can happen within a few days, in spite slug bait under the plant. This seem to be some insects and spraying with an insecticide is probably appropriate. Many years in my zone 5 we had the first killing frost around Sept.16, so for my zone having standing hostas now is a big benefit, and I do not mind such holes now. Bernd

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I have a huge sawfly problem. I would take my dog for a walk early in the morning (or any time for that matter) and there would be a dozen on the back of each of her ears (you don't want to know what I did).

The only tree in my yard the caterpillars started to feast on was a Cedrus Deodara, nothing else. They are very host specific and if they liked hostas, I would have none left.


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