Adelson the Repubs kingmaker!

tobr24u(z6 RI)April 2, 2014

Yes, Bush, Christie, et al. were in Vegas last weekend to kiss Sheldon Adelson's, shall we say, ring. He gives millions indirectly to his favorite candidates campaigns under the high court's decision in favor of Citizens United. We claim that Russia is run by oligarchs but we are too, and this does not sit well with me and shouldn't with you...

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He just wan't to protect US morals from on line gambling what could be wrong with that?

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tobr24u(z6 RI)

Of course, I am sorry if my comment was disparaging...

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From Andy Borowitz: "The casino billionaire and Republican kingmaker Sheldon Adelson met several 2016 G.O.P. candidates available for purchase over the weekend, but decided to buy none of them, Adelson confirmed today."

Here is a link that might be useful: Remember Borowitz is a satirist

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I mentioned one of the outcomes of this event on the Ukraine/Israel thread.

If you want his money, you have to be careful, very careful, with what you have to say about Israel. The West Bank is not "occupied territory". It's "disputed territory" at worst.

See the story here:

Groveling for Dollars


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Well personally, I like to know that one of the chief money men in politics today makes the bulk of his vast fortune from Asian-based, sex slave trafficking, rigged casinos.

There, fighting for the morals of America, keeping us from the harm, the broken families, the destitute children caused by internet gambling. Because he would know these pitfalls of gambling, if anybody would.

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And if he could just get all those internet gamblers into the Vegas Venetian or the Venetian Macau...

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You don't have to draw a picture, it's perfectly obvious what's going on here

by digby

Is this really ok, guys?

ItâÂÂs hard to imagine a political spectacle more loathsome than the parade of Republican presidential candidates who spent the last few days bowing and scraping before the mighty bank account of the casino magnate Sheldon Adelson. One by one, they stood at a microphone in Mr. AdelsonâÂÂs Venetian hotel in Las Vegas and spoke to the Republican Jewish Coalition (also a wholly owned subsidiary of Mr. Adelson), hoping to sound sufficiently pro-Israel and pro-interventionist and philo-Semitic to win a portion of Mr. AdelsonâÂÂs billions for their campaigns.

Gov. John Kasich of Ohio made an unusually bold venture into foreign policy by calling for greater sanctions on Iran and Russia, and by announcing that the United States should not pressure Israel into a peace process. (Wild applause.) âÂÂHey, listen, Sheldon, thanks for inviting me,â he said. âÂÂGod bless you for what you do.âÂÂ

Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin brought up his fatherâÂÂs trip to Israel, and said he puts âÂÂa menorah candleâ next to his Christmas tree. The name of his son, Matthew, actually comes from Hebrew, he pointed out.

Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey also described his trip to Israel, but then did something unthinkable. He referred to the West Bank as the âÂÂoccupied territories.â A shocked whisper went through the crowd. How dare Mr. Christie implicitly acknowledge that IsraelâÂÂs presence in the West Bank might be anything less than welcome to the Palestinians? Even before Mr. Christie left the stage, leaders of the group told him he had stumbled, badly.

And sure enough, a few hours later, Mr. Christie apologized directly to Mr. Adelson for his brief attack of truthfulness.

I was going to say that I don't know what to call this, but I do. These politicians are all kissing the ring of this wealthy man because he will give millions to the one who agrees to do his bidding. It's called corruption.

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Playing the Glad Game as we bemused, befuddled, and bewildered onlookers are often wont to do - because we have no choice in these kinds of grand schemes - this sucking up is in the open and obvious to even the most casual observer. We can see it for exactly what it is. I'm sure Adelson sees it too, but he just has to have the chance to buy a winner after throwing all that money at losers Gingrich and then Romney.

I do believe Christie may have forfeited any favorable shotgun position in the Adelson clown car with his "occupied territory" gaff and who can say what Walker's Menorah candle will get him. Lots to chatter about on the late night talk show circuit.

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Money isn't everything, but apparently it can now buy everything.

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There's an alternate view of this. You could argue that the Adelson ring-kissing is at least transparent. We know who he can buy, and we know the price (aggressive support of Isarael, and opposition to online gambling).

With other politicians, we don't have this much transparency. It's still going on, we just don't know the specifics.

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Hayden - we pretty much think alike with regards to the procession of prostrates to the foot of the Adelson motorized throne . My post at 16:54 just didn't use the word "transparency. And yes, there are some knowns and as yet some unknowns.

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I must say I thought the Christie âÂÂgaffâ indicates that not all the players are aware of the game they are required to play. IâÂÂm not sure if it was even a âÂÂgaffâ in terms of reality, but Adelson has enough money to call the shots on the Israel issue. Too bad.

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