clematis, spots on leaves.

Rietje(z7 Seattle)July 5, 2005

I am having a terrible problem with my Clematis! My Clematis has black spots on the leaves. It started on the bottom of the plant and then it spread here and there to other leaves. Meanwhile leaves on the bottom of the clematis are turning brown and crispy. Yet the top of the Clematis is green, healthy and growing.

I have sprayed it totally 3 times now with Green Light Rose Defense, for black spot, pwd mildew, rust scales etc. It has not helped. Another Clematis which I had planted right next to it has it now too. Heeeeeelp!

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flowerfan2(z8/ WA)

Some clematis types(especially the type 2 pruning group)this is very common. After the clematis blooms the lower leaves turn brown and dry up. I think it is in the genes. It is not a disease. It does look unsightly though. I just pick the dead leaves off if it looks too bad.

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