what is digging up my chard?!

kellyaaJuly 16, 2013

ok so this is a weird one. so weird i specifically created this profile to ask this question; so i planted chard bought from the nursery but something is digging it up. it's only the chard! nothing else and it doesn't kill it or eat any part of it. the plants that have taken root are dug up but the roots are still pretty intact. the one's that are newly planted are just dig up. anybody have any idea's who is doing this and/or why?

why just chard and why if not to eat it??!
no chance of a mole. i got my entire raised bed lined with 1/4th inch mesh.

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Did you use any organic fertilizers when planting? Any bone meal or blood meal? Raccoons, possums, even cats and dogs will dig into the soil after the scent of organic ferts like the above. Not sure if they actually eat the fertilizer out of the soil/planting hole but they'll do a lot of damage looking for it!!

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