moving shrubs / plants now

earhtmother(z4a/b Can)October 23, 2004

Need to move a spirea and some daylilys, maybe even some lily of the valley. Would prefer to do it now as in the spring since I never catch the lily of the valley before it starts to bloom and I really don't want to lose any blooms if I don't have to. Also have some Iris and orientals to go in where the spirea is so moving it is sort of a "prefer to do now" thing too. No real frost here yet, a couple of nights but nothing sustaining. I know Iam cutting it close, but is it possible???


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Yes, it's possible, though you are correct to expect that there's a higher likelihood of mortality.

Daylilies and LotV are both tough as nails, so I don't worry about them too much. I've transplanted LotV while it was blooming, and it didn't faze them one bit.

The spirea will have the toughest time of it.

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