Need A Garden Buddy in Northern Ontario...November

Debbie_N_Ontario(zone 2)November 2, 2007

Hi Marcia

We had a mini blizzard here last night, blowing and snowing, I was getting a bit nervous with the way the wind was blowing. We didn't get much snow but enough to cover the ground,,,again. Tomorrow it is suppose to go up to 12C; it is -4c right now. Crazy weather for sure.

The petunias, marigolds and impatiens on the patio are finished but the silly geraniums are still green! LOL I couldn't believe it when I looked out today and they were still green, I didn't think they were so tough. Our lilac bushes still have leaves that are green too..very weird.

Son finally came over and put the shelves up in the shed and I got the door painted. We moved a lot of stuff into the shed and took another load to the dump. I still have bags of dirt on the driveway which I'm going to dump in the holes left by the garage. (The chipmunk is very upset that someone stole his home, he lived under the garage.)

We found out that our contractor is going to wait until spring before he starts on our house roof which really ticked me off as the porch wall is going to be in terrible shape by then. Every time it rains the wall inside gets wet now. *ugh* I get so tired waiting for men,,, Marcia u can relate, I know. LOL That is why we have hired a female electrician! LOL

Marcia, about the amaryllis. I don't wait for the leaves to die back. I just stick them in a paper bag with another one over the top to keep out all the light. I put mine in the fruit cellar,,it isn't very cold down there maybe 64F, it's just that I like them out of my way. I don't know what they would do if u covered them up but left them in a warmer space. Maybe they wouldn't go completely dormant?

We didn't have any trick or treaters last night so I have started putting up the Christmas decorations... *G*

Take care

Debbie :-)

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

I heard about your weather, Debbie. Lucky people! LOL Actually, we're the lucky ones - no snow yet. We had some rain today, and my daughter said it was sleeting tonight, but i haven't looked outside to find out. I don't want to know!

There are still a couple of million bells that are alive and well. I finally brought the geraniums inside last weekend. They were in the mini-greenhouse and still as green as could be and some were flowering nicely. I also got a daylily and three foxgloves from Veseys this week, but i've got them planted inside. There wasn't much left of the digitalis, as they'd been in the mail for almost two weeks. I wasn't too happy and i told them so - Veseys not the foxgloves. :> They're giving me a credit for them!

I guess people are getting fussier about online plant shopping because there hasn't been too much arguing with companies like them or Dominion Seed House when you complain. They give credits quickly. I guess they really want the business. I wish it wasn't such a sickness, though - i must buy plants!!! LOL

Maybe i'll put my amaryllis in the garage where dh keeps the potatoes. If it's cool enough for potatoes, it should be cool enough for them.

Can't you get your contractor to put a tarp or something on your roof? That's crazy, not fixing it now. Your wall is going to be ruined! Ahh, do they do walls too? Maybe that's the catch!

Anyway, i need to get to bed. My eyes are drooping. Will talk to you again soon!

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Debbie_N_Ontario(zone 2)


We are getting quite a bit of snow here and more coming down. Marcia, I know how much u enjoy snow; I will send some to you. LOL

I finally got the electricians to come over and do the work I have been waiting for over almost 2 months now.
I needed to go into the backyard to plug in the christmas lights in the plug on the shed so I had to wear my snowmobile boots. LOL We have so much snow now my shorter boots weren't high enough. *L*
I have got all the decorations up in the house for the past couple of weeks and the tree is up too. It sure was easier this year now that I've had my cataract removed. It is so nice being able to see better. *S*

Not many birds around anymore. With taking the garage down and all the banging and lost of the shelter of the garage, I guess they have found a better place.

I did have a brown bunny coming into the garden before the snow stuck a few weeks ago. It was very big too. I have never seen a rabbit up here and especially not in our yard. He was cute. I was able to get a few pics of him too and I will try and post them.

I have all the amaryllis down in the cellar covered up. Marcia, won't the garage be too cold for yours?

Take care and Marcia, I hope you will enjoy your early Christmas gift,,,, (snow) LOL
Debbie :-)

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Hey, thanks, Debbie! LOL Actually right now i want the snow to come and insulate the gardens. I didn't get near enough leaves this year, and now they're saying this is going to be the coldest winter in years. With any luck, Environment Canada will be wrong as usual! LOL

Cute bunny! We've had one around for awhile too. Of course, he must be all white now! I took some pictures of him earlier this year but you couldn't see much because it was getting dark and i was taking them from the car window.

The garage is actually dh's workshop and is minimally heated all winter. Our potatoes, onions and carrots are stored there in winter and they do great. How long before you bring yours into the light again? I have one to plant now and i'm going to bring it to work and hope it grows there.

My computer was down for awhile. The computer tech from work reinstalled "Windoze", but he said he had more trouble with it than he thought he would. I'm finding it slow now. I just want it to last another year because i might be able to afford a new one by then.

I don't have any decorations up yet. I'm going to start getting things out tomorrow, though - the Christmas dishes and glasses, and maybe a few other things. I don't have all my shopping done yet, but i'm close to it, and have even wrapped a few things. And i suppose i should come up with a Christmas letter, especially since we have Darius to brag about! :)

Bedtime now - talk to you later!

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