anyone one from DC please help

peonypunk(7)November 22, 2007

i know it's best for humans, animals, and fish to not drink the dc water unfiltered....but is it ok for my plants? they are all house plants and not really the most hardy types ever (mini roses, washington palm, citrus, strawberry guava...etc...) i'm not sure what the deal is with the water so if anyone could just let me know what their plants prefer or if dc tap water is ok... we would all be very grateful :) thanks!

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I feel a little odd lurking thru the Northern Gardening forum as a zone 5 gardener myself, Peony, but I'm a little surprised to find you here asking about DC water. Let's see, that's either Diet Coke, Discovery Channel, or Drip Can right?

Okay, now that I've had my moment - - I'm going to suggest that you ask this question over at the Mid-Atlantic Gardening forum. They are quite active over there and you can probably find someone to answer in the "other" Washington (as we consider it out here in the interior Pacific North West ;o).


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