PNW Post Your Tomato Pictures 2011

mariev_seattle(PNW Z8 Sunset Z5)July 12, 2011

This probably wasn't the best year to start growing tomatoes, but my tomatoes are finally setting fruit. Here are my pictures:

Cherokee Purple full of flowers on July 1st (4" start transplanted under hoops on May 21st):

First Sungold with 3 fruit set on July 1st (grown from seed at the end of March and transplanted under hoops on May 21st):

First Sungold with 9 fruit set on July 8th:

Second Sungold with 6 fruit set on July 8th (grown from seed at the end of March and transplanted under hoops on May 24th):

Black Prince with 4 fruit set, the largest is about 1.5" in diameter on July 8th (4" start transplanted under hoops on May 24th):

Black Krim full of flowers, including a megabloom, on July 1st (grown from seed at the end of March and transplanted under hoops on May 21st):

Closeup of megabloom on Black Krim

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No pictures on-hand, but my tomatoes are at pretty similar states, up here in Bellingham. Sun Gold started fruiting a bit before yours, but nothing else is looking particularly good so far. I'm at about the same point I was last year at this time, but with thirteen tomato plants -- I figure I'll harvest enough to last me well into fall, but not nearly enough to do the canning I'd hoped to do.

Next year, though! Shouldn't be another La Nina this winter, so next year will, I hope, be better.

Bad long-term tomato news: Most atmospheric scientists in the region accept the idea of Pacific Decadal Oscillation, which is a fancy way of saying "we have 20-30 year climate swings," and we're currently headed out of a warm stretch and into a cold stretch -- a 20-year cold stretch.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wikipedia - Pacific Decadal Oscillation

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Mine are at about the same state unless we get a late summer I don,t expect much ripe fruit from them again this year. Oh well, green tomatos are yummy cooked.

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mariev_seattle(PNW Z8 Sunset Z5)

Here are updated photos of my tomatoes.

Cherokee Purple with fruit on July 23rd, the largest on the right is about 2" in diameter

Cherokee Purple fruit from a different angle on July 23rd

First Sungold now with two trusses full of fruit on July 23rd

The lower truss on the second Sungold, which also has two trusses on July 23rd

Four largest tomatoes on Black Prince, with the largest about 3" in diameter

Most of the Web images of Black Prince show round fruit, so I was surprised to see the flattened (oblate?) shape. Half of the newer, smaller fruit are also flattened, but the other half are rounder. Almost all the leaves are rolled up on this plant, probably because it gets a lot more shade than the others, and we've had a pretty cool, wet summer so far. Still, the fruits continue to develop.

A few fruits set on the first Black Krim on July 23rd

Even more fruits set on the second Black Krim on July 23rd

The megabloom on the first Black Krim has become a long fused fruit.

I'm waiting to see how distorted it is. If it's really weird, I may just snip it off to minimize the amount of energy the plant puts into it.

Fruits set by July 23rd on a Jaune Flammeé, a Mighty 'Mato grafted plant that was transplanted from a 1 gal container on July 10th

More fruits by July 23rd on the Jaune Flammeé

Since this is my first year growing tomatoes, I don't know how much better the plants would be doing if we'd had a warmer spring and a hotter summer. My friends who've grown tomatoes in the past are really depressed by the cool weather and their poor yields so far this year.

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Your tomatoes are definitely better than mine at this point. I'll get out and get some pictures in the near future, but I've got very little in the way of fruit. One of my Principe Borghese plants -- curiously, the one which I damaged by letting it grow too close to my grow lights this spring -- has set several fruits, but they aren't really getting any bigger. Sungold still only has one truss of fruit. Got a couple other assorted fruits, but half my plants haven't set a single fruit.

Oh well. My peas are producing way longer than they should -- even my Schweizer Riesen, which are not enation-resistant, are continuing to produce wonderfully -- and my cabbage is happy, so at least I've got something going.

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mariev_seattle(PNW Z8 Sunset Z5)

Right now I've got over 200 fruit set combined on all 9 plants. There are about 30 tomatoes that are 1" in diameter (or just a bit smaller) on the four Sun Gold plants, a 3" on a Black Prince, and 2.5" on a Cherokee Purple. These two largest tomatoes seem to be growing about an inch per week. I also have about 30 tomatoes that are 1-2" in diameter on the Black Prince, Cherokee Purple, two Black Krims, and the Jaune Flamme. Even given our cooler, wetter weather this past week, almost all of the tomatoes seem to grow 1/2" to an inch per week.

So far I've only noticed minor splitting (less than 1/4" long) on one of the larger tomatoes on the Cherokee Purple and on one of the smaller Black Krim tomatoes. There are also two fused or unusually long fruits on the Cherokee Purple and the weird fused fruit from the megabloom on the Black Krim.

jwestbury, when did you transplant your Sun Gold? When do you think you'll get ripe fruit from it? I think several of mine are full size, but I'm wondering when they'll start to blush, not to mention ripen.

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I didn't actually note down the date when I transplanted any of the fruits -- this year being so anomalous, I didn't figure the data would do me much good -- but the Sun Gold was one of three plants I purchased from a garden store, and I believe I transplanted it in the first week of June. (Three of my thirteen plants are garden store transplants.)

Based on what I'm seeing, I think I'll be seeing my first ripe fruit in the next week or two. One of the first fruits from the Sun Gold is starting to yellow a bit. No splits yet, so that's good.

Anyway, got some pictures of the tomatoes last week. These are from 7/26. The cherries are Koralik and Sun Gold. The small sauce tomatoes are all Principe Borghese. The larger ones are Oregon Spring, Black from Tula, and Tobolsk. Since taking these, I've found some more fruit on other plants -- at least one fruit on at least one of each variety. (I think I've only doubled up on Principe Borghese and Legend. I meant to have more plants than this, but had some issues with Peche Jaune, Isis, and Cream Sausage.)

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George Three LLC

i've been harvesting one or two sun golds a day for the last week or so. put them in mid june, from gallon containers. these are the fruit that had already set when i purchased the plants, the second wave is still probably at least a week or two off.

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mariev_seattle(PNW Z8 Sunset Z5)

Wow, your plants look great! I pruned mine to a single stem since I was paranoid about diseases. I probably ended up sacrificing a lot of fruit because of it, so next year I'll let 3-4 main stems grow. I finally got fruit blushing on two of my Sun Golds in the last week.

First blush on one Sun Gold plant on July 29th

The same plant two days later

The lower three trusses full of fruit on the Sun Gold plant

This Sun Gold now has five trusses with 83 tomatoes, and 50 of them are 3/4"-1+" in diameter. It also has several more trusses with flowers.

First blush on the second Sun Gold plant on July 30th

The same plant three days later

The biggest tomato on the Black Prince is now 3.5" in diameter

More tomatoes on the Black Prince

A lot of fruit and catfacing on the Cherokee Purple

Catfacing and cracks on a Cherokee Purple tomato

First Black Krim plant has 10 tomatoes that are 2-2.5" in diameter.

The second Black Krim has 4 tomatoes that are 1.5-2.5" in diameter and 13 more that are 1-1.5" in diameter.

The Black Krim megabloom has turned into a smaller tomato within a larger tomato, kind of like Kuato from Total Recall.

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I pruned my indeterminates (the ones to the left of the cardboard box in my first photo) until they were no longer in danger of setting fruit too close to the ground. No pruning at all for my determinates -- no sense in that!

Everyone has complimented the appearance of my plants; but that they were producing the fruit to go along with their greenery!

I took a walk around the neighborhood by where I work today, and many people had bright red, ripe tomatoes. I was wondering what I had done wrong. Fortunately, I then walked by a (wild) blackberry plant, and found that it was similarly advanced compared to the blackberries growing wild at home, so I imagine it's my distressingly cold microclimate preventing my tomatoes from growing better. I'll have to figure out a new solution for next year -- perhaps individual cloches.

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hemnancy(z8 PNW)

This is my tomato list for 2011, started Feb. 7 & 8, set out April 20 until May 29 under tunnels. I have a larger section of determinates so I wouldn't have to stake as much, then a section of eggplants and peppers, both sections interplanted with bush beans as an experiment to see if the nightshade plants protect the beans at all from voles.

Then I have a small section of taller tomatoes, most now in the 4-5' range, which I may cover later in the season to protect from rain.

Azure paste det
Lebiajinsky det
Martino's Roma det
Mtn Princess HL det
Napoli det MS
New Big Dwarf det 07
Novinka Kubani det
Or Spring det 04
Prairie Fire det
Princip Borghese EH det
Ropreco ALF det
Rostova heart ind
San Remo det
Shilling Giant heart ind
Siberian Pink SH det
Super Italian Paste ind
Tricot Czech det
Virginia Sweets ind

When I went out to take the photos I discovered a ripe tomato and a couple near ripe on Tricot Czech, so I guess it is my winner this year.

My first ripe tomato last year was on Aug. 1 which was about a month later than the first ripe in a normal hotter year. I hear there may be a trend for the cooler temps so I may go back to growing some of those really early cold-tolerant varieties. I started a few this year that were old seed, some that didn't germinate for me before, in ziplock bags where I get better germination so can grow them for the first time, like Azure paste and Novinka Kubani.

Martino's Roma is really cute-

I was excited to find Rostova to grow since the photos of it were fantastic and hearts are my favorite tomatoes-

The largest one is 3" long and 2 1/2" in diameter-

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I was out of town this past weekend. Before I left, I noticed I finally had a large tomato -- Oregon Spring -- that was nearly ripe. It was nearly entirely red.

I came home after dark on Sunday, and went to harvest my lone tomato yesterday, Monday. The tomato was no redder than it had been, but it was much greener -- mold had taken it, and it was rotting from within. I'm not really sure how that happened -- I haven't been overwatering, and it's been bone dry, except for one day of torrential rains.

Ah, well. At least I've harvested some cherry tomatoes.

I'm scouting out locations now, under cover, where I can hang uprooted plants to try to ripen some fruits as the autumn rains begin to fall. Last year, late blight took what few plants I had managed to set fruit on, and I didn't get them out of the ground in time to prevent my tomatoes from falling prey to the blight. I am vowing not to lose them all this year, and to at least pickle some green tomatoes!

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mariev_seattle(PNW Z8 Sunset Z5)

I've only been watering every 10-14 days since the planting mix in my raised beds stays pretty moist. My tomatoes started breaking in the middle of August.

Black Prince tomato breaking color on August 12th (80 days after transplant)

Of course, this was the same week I had planned a trip to San Diego to visit my family. Three of the Black Prince tomatoes actually ripened within a week of the first tomato breaking. I made my husband take a picture, then pick them since they were getting overripe.

Black Prince tomatoes ripening on the vine on August 20th

I was only away for six days, but of course, this was when the weather finally started warming up (breaking 80°), so the other tomatoes also started breaking. When I got home on August 23rd, all of them were breaking.

More Black Prince tomatoes breaking on August 23rd

Cherokee Purple tomatoes breaking on August 23rd (89 days after transplant)

Tomatoes on the first Black Krim plant breaking on August 23rd (90 days after transplant)

One tomato on the second Black Krim plant breaking on August 23rd (90 days after transplant)

A Jaune Flammé tomato breaking on August 23rd (41 days after transplant)

The week's harvest of Black Krim (on bottom left, including the bright red one), one Jaune Flammé (top left), three Black Prince (top left), two Cherokee Purple (top right), and dozens of Sun Gold tomatoes on August 26th

The two Black Krim plants are producing different colored tomatoes. Tatiana's TomatoBase shows Black Krim tomatoes to be dark reddish-brown when ripe, like the ones in on the bottom left in the photo above. However, all the tomatoes from the second Black Krim plant are bright red when ripe, some with green shoulders. I grew both of these plants from Burpee's Heirloom Tomato seeds, and their photos show some bright red tomatoes. I was a little surprised by the variation in shape for the Black Prince, but I wasn't expecting that much variation in the color for any of the heirlooms.

Cherokee Purple starts off pink with green shoulders, then turns golden-orange, then dark reddish-purple. It's not only beautiful (if you can overlook some catfacing) but tasty too!

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Middle of Canadian Prairie. Late start but great heat for July and August moved things along.

Today's picking.

Two days ago.

Last week's progress

Shots from late July

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javan(9b n. coastalCA)

Here is my tomato harvest from last week. They were grown in my hothouse made of recycled windows. It is quite the crop this year.

Here are the ingredients assembled for the tomato sauce I made which was yummy.

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Finally, ripe tomatoes that aren't cherry tomatoes. Harvested these on Thursday.

These are Black from Tula. They aren't all that black in my garden, though this is the first year I've grown them. I wonder what it is that made them not-black -- and I wonder if others, maturing later on the same plant, may be blacker.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

I like this thread. The year was 2011, more than 3 years ago.
Being a PNW gardener I like it even more.
And what make this thread even more interesting is that there are a lot of picture.
Looking at the pictures of Black Krim, reminds me of mine last year. I kept talking about it and saying that is one of the growth habits of BK and there were some who tried to tell me that I have done something wrong and my BK plant was stressed. Haha. Not so Mrs. (%#@) ....I was right all along.
Anyway, here we are now, June 18, 2014. And in comparison my plants are doing well. My SiletZ and few others have fruits already and I aim to celebrate The Great Fourth with ripe tomatoes from my garden. Let it be know that WE, the PNW gardeners are tougher than the weather is.

Here is a pictures of one of my Siletz, taken about 10 days ago.

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I started bit late because of the fact that I will be out of country for a month in July. I have the timer on for watering. When i come back in Aug hopefully I will have some fruits to show.

What do you think??

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