mikiz(z5 NY)November 20, 2005

I left an Abutilon on my covered porch overnight and we had a frost. The leaves are limp. I have brought it inside now. Is it dead and do I just throw it away? Or can I do something to save it?

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Nushka_IA(4b IA)

I'd try cutting it back, feeding it lightly, and putting it in a sunny window. If you just had frost but not a hard freeze, I bet it'll pop back.

Now, can you help me with the abutilon I left out when we had a low of 3 degrees fahrenheit? ;)

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cerwin(zone 5a/ontario)

The plant may drop all of it's leaves (and any that look like they are going to mush should be removed) But in that sunny window for a about 3 weeks and you should see new growth buds forming where the leaves use to be and it should come back thicker then befor.



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