tulip bulbs

zebra1157(4a-4b)November 23, 2007


I have a slight problem lol, I didn't have time to get all my bulbs in this fall, I have no room in the fridge for them. Would it be ok if I stored them in my basement. We have an area that is not heated down there.And how do I store them in peat or something???

Thank You


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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

I'd try planting them in containers. If it's unheated down there, they should react as if they're in the ground. You can transplant them in the spring, probably after they've finished blooming.

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Thank You marciaz3
I will try that, you are probably right about transplaning after they bloom

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Hi there,

Not sure what kind of bulbs you have but you may what to double check that they can be grown in containers, not all tulip bulbs are crazy about that.

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zengeos(5 Maine)

I have not much experience with tulips, but some will do ok in mesh bags in a cold area. (sub 30F) fr a couple months, then you can plant them as soon as the ground is workable in the Spring. They have less chance of blooming, AND they will bloom later than your fall planted tulip bulbs, though.

This from a coworker who has ad good luck ding this here in zone 5. She recommends placing them in your unheated, attached garage.


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