Planting in the Cold Frame this Warm November

arugula(4/5 Wisconsin)November 16, 2006

I'm wondering if there are any nuts out there like me who are still trying to plant cold-hardy greens. I was able to successfully transplant a giant collard green plant last month into the cold frame that's thriving now, and sprouted some hardy salad greens. That inspired me to plant Siberian kale from seed outside of the frame, thinking this warm fall might continue and seduced by the word SIBERIAN... and some did come up, but it's staying tiny and not doing to well. So now my question is: is there any hope for sprouting the Siberian kale inside and transplanting it in the cold frame once it's a few inches high, or is it time to accept that I have to stop planting for the year? :-( I love eating fresh greens from the garden and have found I didn't plant enough this year. Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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den_vic(BC Canada Z8b)

I suggest that you chat with gardeners in the PNW forum. Many of them garden in cool, moist winter conditions and can tell you what works and what may not during ( or thru) winter.

Here is a link that might be useful: PNW image

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I was wondering if the wall-o-water idea would work for a large (4x8x3)cold frame.I plan to take 2 liter pop bottles and cut the bottom off and stack and silicone them until i get the desired height and use that for 3 sides of the cold frame.I'll fashion a 2x2 frame so I can top it with an old glass shower door ,enclose the 2x2 frame with the water filled bottle stacks taped or glued together.I'm not sure if the water towers will hold enough thermal mass to keep that big of a cold frame warm in my zone 5 garden long enough to add 4 to 6 weeks to my growing season which ends in mid my west central michigan garden. thanks

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