Barrie's first snowfall

ontariokayNovember 8, 2004

Hi all,

Barrie has witnessed its first snowfall!

It always sadness me to see summer draw to a close, but I must admit that I love the beauty of a prestine blanket of snow laying gently over my slumbering gardens.

Here is a link that might be useful: Winter

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dan112(S Ontario z6)

Wow, that looks like quite a lot of snow. I hope it holds off for awhile more here in the Hamilton area. We still haven't gotten any days below freezing yet.. Keeps fingers crossed.

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glen3a(Winnipeg MB 3A)

It is a pretty sight. Here in Winnipeg we have yet to see snow, but you know it's coming.

This may sound strange, but to me things get to a point where it almost seems warmer once it snows. The actual temperature isn't warmer, but maybe that blanket of white makes it seem warmer than the dark greens/browns of the lawn.

Or, maybe psychologically it goes from being a cold -5C autumn morning (with no snow) to being a warm -5C winter morning (because snow's on the ground).

Anyways, from a gardener's standpoint, I do hope we get some snowcover before we get severe cold.

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Glen, you're right about snow making things seem milder. Apparently that's an actual fact, but i don't have time to look it up! I suppose that just as snow insulates the ground, it makes the cold seem less sharp.

Many times in winter, people seem to wonder why it's cold out when it's sunny. Clouds are insulators the same way snow is - therefore, it's more apt to be mild on a cloudy day and cold on a sunny day.

Remember the weather guy on CBC, Murray Parker? I remember him saying, years ago, that there reaches a certain time of year when the weather people have to stop saying "warm" and start saying "mild". This made sense to me. The Weather Network, however, don't seem to follow this practice!

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sheryl_ontario(Muncho Lake, BC z2)

Well the snow is gone from Barrie now and temps are back to unseasonably warm again. Weird weather we've been having, but winter's not here yet, so I'm not complaining!

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sheryl_ontario(Muncho Lake, BC z2)

We sure have a lot of snow now and cold temps!! Thursday was pretty bad. Work closed early and a lot of people didn't get out at all. Stores and businesses closed too. Did we get the 30 cm called for? It sure seemed like it!

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