H. 'Cookie Crumbs' flower

hostahillbilly(4)September 6, 2012

Had enuf clouds today to git some better pics,


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What a pretty little flower. Is it a single flower at the top of the scape, or are there more behind it?

And what does the plant look like? Is it very small?

I have another "crumb" hosta, but it is very small. We have Cookie Crumbs, Cracker Crumbs, now we need Crumb Cake.

Cracker Crumbs in the bowl at about 4:00 position.

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I don't have a good pic of the plant itself handy, but there are two nice shots on HL.

Look at the scape to the left of the flower and you'll see three seed pods on another scape!



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Well, duhhhhh, I guess I should have done a bit of observation! I see now that the stem of the scape with the flower continues on off the top of the frame of photo. Plus the other scape.

Will check HL for the plant photo. Busy this morning. Found two pallets of pine bark nuggets on big sale at Lowes yesterday, and have been taking those bags out of the SUV. Looked like the Beverley Hillbillies coming home with multiple carloads of the bags. DH is gonna have a duck fit at the condition of the vehicle.

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