Garlic after Glads? or peas?

horseandgardenfarmNovember 23, 2009


I have planted most of my garlic but am left with a decision as to where to plant the remaining 80 or so cloves.

Can I plant garlic where I've just lifted my glad corms?

The soil is well tilled, dry ( not waterlogged) and full of worms.

Alternatively, I have another bed where I had sugar snap peas earlier in the summer. It was a well prepared bed with good fertility but I understand following beans with garlic is not a good idea. Does the same hold true for peas?

Can anyone advise on which might be the best option?

Many thanks!

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whenever you grow legumes, the legumes will fix nitrogen into the soil (nitrogen encourages leaf/vegetative growth). when you grow garlic, you're looking to grow bulbs (roots). If you put the bulbs in the plot where your peas were, you'd get lots of foliage and fewer bulbs.

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