Septic and blackberries

cath923November 16, 2013

We are unfortunately having to have our whole septic system replaced within the next two weeks. I have moved masses of perennials but still have a row of beautiful blackberries growing a couple of feet from the side of the new drain field, which is totally eliminating my vegetable beds. My reading suggests that is not a good plant to have there so I feel I need to move them as well. Winter has not yet set in but temperatures are getting closer to freezing. Should I attempt to dig them up now or should I wait? Or should I leave the plants and layer them to start new and then remove them completely once I have replacements? Or just leave them alone?

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Well, what did you do? I would have left them until spring, then dug and moved them, realizing that I was probably going to be sacrificing a year's production.

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I have decided to leave them alone and let them recover from the "root pruning" they received! I think they'll be fine and are low enough down the bed that I don't think they will be a problem as long as I remove any shoots in the wrong place. There is enough work to be done to repair the damage over the rest of the yard!
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In 2009 I planted blueberries over our new drainfield, as they have shallow roots, so shouldn't interfere with the septic functioning. So far, so good. Northwoodswis

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