Midsummer planting for vegetable gardens

soraystud(5)July 10, 2014

Hey there folks,

I don't see too many posts on the NE forum for vegetable gardens - hope you're all getting bountiful harvests by now!

What are people planting now for late-summer and fall harvesting? Is it still too hot to start lettuce and spinach? Unfortunately all the spinach and lettuce I had started mid June bolted in the withering heat we've had and I'm hesitant when to start the next crop.



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I never get organized to do a second planting of anything except rarely edible podded peas, but below is a link to Johnny's Seeds fall planted crops. At the top of the page is a link to their Fall-Harvest Planting Calculator, a downloadable Excel spreadsheet with crops and dates.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fall crops

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homegrowninthe603 6a SE NH

Hi Calvin, No bountiful harvests yet. We have a pretty big garden, but generally don't do a second planting. That said, we do plant corn in increments so that we can harvest it over time. We also replant some other crops when we don't think we have good germination. Other than that, we just take what comes, when it comes. Eat it, can it, freeze it, share it, etc. Our greens (lettuce, chard, arugula, spinach etc.) have done fine even though we've been pretty dry and warm here. I donâÂÂt think itâÂÂs too late to plant a few more. Susan

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What's left of my vegetable garden is now pretty heavily shaded, due to using parts of it for a tree nursery (where the trees never got moved along to permanent positions). So, my lettuce is still limping along. The idea of a fall crop has always appealed to me, but I've never gotten my act together to actually do it - too many distractions in the summer.

Maybe this will be the year! Thanks for the link to Johnny's calendar/calculator, nhbabs - that might be just what I've been waiting for.

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I try to use the calculator but right now WHERE can I put things. Yesterday I got an email newsletter from Johnny's about what can be planted now. I keep planning to start some seeds in 6-packs because there will be new space when the sugarsnaps are done and garlic is harvested.

I started getting good spinach when I started planting it as early in the spring as possible. I believe it is not only heat sensitive but also day length sensitive. If your plants for fall don't get very big, leave them in all winter. Even without protection they should start re-growing next spring.

The broccoli I bought at the nursery, one 6-pack, is still putting out side shoots.

I also plan to plant some more beans since I only have one short row of yellow bush beans planted and we really like a green filet variety. Chard tastes even better after cold weather gets here.

Pay attention to lettuce varieties. Some are more resistant to heat and others are hardier in cold weather. Wish we could get vegetable starts here at this time of year. A gardening friend in England buys them. I emailed a nursery in VT and they said they do have brassicas and lettuce starts but they are too far away for me.

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franeli(z4 NH)

I'm in a colder zone,but, today I seeded fall broccoli+cauliflower, mokum and nelson carrots, lutz+blood beets,lettuce for heat(slobolt +green ice). Garlic will be out next week and I'll plant Bolero carrots for fall.
in 2weeks or so, I start fall lettuce which I'll harvest at least until Nov.1.(kept under a tunnel cover when cold)
I use a shade cover until all is germinated. Shade cloth if needed for high temps. + lettuce.
Hope this helps...

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mad_gallica(zone 5 - eastern New York)

We have a bed for kale volunteers. The first crop is finishing up, but there should be new plants germinating. During the heat, it gets ratty looking, as opposed to bolting like the lettuce. It is also more tolerant of cold.

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I had such grand plans for our new veggie garden...I was lucky to even get anything into the ground this summer lol...

I'm hoping to get some broccoli and spinach going once the soybeans are done but I haven't adjusted to the shorter season here, so we'll see how it goes. I am keeping track of planting/harvesting dates, which is a big step for me ha ha.

We have tons of sun, and we build new raised beds, but everything so far has been slow going.

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