fish emulsion

bluewillow09(8)July 15, 2014

Anyone using fish emulsion fertilizer? If so, any tips on applying it over a large area? Can it be sprayed in a hose end sprayer?

Any pros and cons?

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I would assume it could be used in a hose end sprayer, provided the spray openings were of suitable size. Fish emulsion is sometimes a thickish liquid and my experience with hose end sprayers is that they do not always dilute uniformly so you could end up with a clogged sprayer.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Every time I've used one in later years the uneven mixing could clearly be seen in the spray, with bursts of the concentrate coming out of the nozzle between streams of what looked like straight water.

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changingitup(8 PDX)

I haven't tried a hose and sprayer but if that would work it'd be a great time saver. It sounds like it hasn't worked well but if you try it and have success let us know how you did it. I mix mine two gallons at a time and apply it with a watering can with a spray tip. Sometimes that'll clog a bit, don't know if that relates to a hose sprayer, but I just tilt the can back, it seems to clear, and resume. Not very efficient as my garden grows. This year I've only done it once and that was shortly after planting to help get it established. Not sure how often I should be doing it. Need to do some more research on fertilizing. How often are you using it?

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I use a watering can and haven't had a mixing problem. I would rinse the plants off if you use a hose-end sprayer as I think it burned one of my ground covers that I didn't rinse. A 99 degree day followed, so it could have been the combination. I water everything when it starts waking up in spring and then continue using it on the bloomers throughout the summer, every few weeks. I don't think you can overfertilize with it.

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I used it a few times in my garden and pot plants, and some animals always tried to dig my plants up because of the odor. So I no longer use it.

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I went ahead and tried it in my hose end sprayer. It's kind of thick so I thinned it half & half with water, then set the sprayer for double what the directions said. Math is not my forte so I hope this makes sense, lol. I took the screen off the tube on the inside and it seemed to spray fine. Pretty gross smelling. The plants seem to like it.

My soil tends to be low in nitrogen. I've added a lot of compost but I think it still needs an extra pop and I want to find a natural source that's not as hard of work as spreading manure. Any suggestions?

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