What is the warmest zone in each province?

tomato_NS_zone_6aNovember 15, 2004

Looking at the zone map and doing some research on my own i've come up with the warmest zone in each province.

British Colombia - z9b Merry's Island

Albertia - 3b?

Sasketoon - 3a?

Winnipeg - 3b?

Ontario- 7a?

Quebec - 5a?

New Brunswick - 6a Grand Manan

Nova Scotia - 8a Sable Island

PEI - 6a?

Newfoundland 7a?

These are based solely on min winter temps. If anyone can add to the list please do.

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Quebec's warmest zone is 5B - this is for certain parts of the island of Montreal only.

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glen3a(Winnipeg MB 3A)

Interesting topic. According to the newer Canadian zone ratings, Winnipeg, Manitoba is zone 2b. We used to be 3a under the old Cdn ratings. This sort of puzzles me and I don't quite agree with this but apparently these new ratings are based on more than just the coldest winter temperatures.

If I base it solely on minimum winter temperatures, our coldest morning of the year is usually -34 to -37 C. Under the USDA map that would make us zone 3 (zone 3 there is classified as -34 to -40 C.) Despite the reputation of our winters, only once or twice in the past ten years has it gone below -40C.

Anyways, if you go by the newer Canadian zone map, I believe the warmest zone in the province is zone 3a which is a small area south of Winnipeg. I guess the largest town/city there would be Morden, Manitoba which coincidentally is where the Morden roses were developed.

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Humm. "Albertia"? Alberta OK maybe a typo, but "Sasketoon", Saskatoon (correct spelling) is a city not a province in Saskatchewan.

Either way, zone 3 is far too cold for my liking. Merry Island, B.C. (9b) is so small it's hardly representative of the real minimums. Even 9a exist in small pockets. The vast majority of the southern coastal regions of B.C. are 8b or 8a.

Cheers, Barrie.

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I can't believe I put saskatoon instead of saskatchewan, not only that i spelled it wrong :P

I asked for the warmest and altough Merry's Island is a tiny island it is still the warmest. Just like only a tiny part of quebec is 5b.

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I almost hate pointing these things out. Some people are offended by these corrections and interpret them as trivial. I see them as important because we have a lot of readers here that absorb info, correct or wrong.
Thanks for your understanding and cheers, Barrie.

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MaeT(z5 NL, Canada)

Newfoundland 7a??? I don't think so but could be wrong, it wouldn't be the first time! Where did you find this? I always thought the warmest was 5a or 5b.

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7a was just a guess, i did some research on St John's

70 -16.1
71 -21.1
72 -22.2
73 -17.2
74 -17.8
75 -23.3
76 -16.7
77 -20.0
78 -18.3
79 -18.6
80 -19.7
81 -16.8
82 -19.4
83 -20.3
84 -19.7
85 -22.5
86 -23.8
87 -18.7
88 -19.1
89 -19.5
90 -23.8
91 -20.0
92 -20.6
93 -22.0
94 -22.4
95 -16.8
96 -16.9
97 -18.5
98 -16.7
99 -14.8
00 -16.7
01 -17.1
02 -18.7
03 -19.8
04 -15.5

35 Year Average = -19.2C = z6b Data from Environment Canada

Granted Stjohn's has a windy, snowy, cool climate, but based on min temps it is z6B

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rickey16(S. Ontario z6)

Nowhere in canada is zone 9B....that is rediculous. Although it's mild in Merry Island, 8B/9A is more realistic. Not 9B.


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Rickey we have been through this before, based on min temperatures Merry's Island is z9B

70 -3.3
71 -5.0
72 -5.6
73 -3.3
74 -2.8
75 -2.8
76 -3.3
77 -2.3
78 -5.9
79 -5.5
80 -4.2
81 -1.0
82 -5.1
83 -6.9
84 -3.5
85 -7.3
86 -4.4
87 0.4
88 -1.7
91 -1.3
92 -1.6
93 -2.5
94 -0.6
95 -1.1
96 -5.1
97 unknown
98 -4.0
99 0.6
00 -1.0

30 Year Average = -3.7C = 9b, Its not the same as florida or texas, but its 9b. Unfortunately it is a small island. I don't know if anyone even lives there.

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rickey16(S. Ontario z6)

I know that, but Agraculture canada sees it as 8. Don't They factor in all other causes?

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Rickey, Rickey, Rickey.

All the info that Agriculture Canada has, can't detail areas this small on any map. The British Columbia coastline is extremely diverse. Climate and weather changes in very short distances. Merry Island does exist, and is privately owned. What other "factors" are supposed to be "in all other causes?"? I don't understand your question. If all you want to do is quote Agriculture Canada info each time, you're experiencing this from a very narrow perspective.
Merry Island is a drop in the bucket and shoudn't be dwelled apon too heavily. I'm quite sure the owners would have a laugh about it's discussion.

Cheers, Barrie.

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Well I live in Victoria and I consider it as being Z8P and in case you don't know what the P stands for we who live here call it paradise,so there is my two cents worth.End of discussion!

Here is a link that might be useful: N Gardening forum

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rickey16(S. Ontario z6)

Les Palmas Norte,

I'm sure your right in terms of extreme low temperatures, is is 9. But when you add in other factors such as wind, summer heat units, etc, it becomes 8. Thats because there is no heat in summer. The old fashion way it is 9.

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shadow_Z3(z3 MB)

You mean I'm only in Z3A! Well, I think I need to move. Here I was dreaming that I was in at least Z3B. A lot of the gardeners in Winnipeg, MB. I know like to push the zone a bit and we can purchase higher zone plants then what we should be able to grow here, but it sure would be nice to at least be able to get a Z4 plant and not have to baby it all winter. Oh well, what can you do. (I have seen a lot of zone maps that put us in zone 2. Thank heaven that's not accurate.) Have a warm winter!

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Shadow, we were downgraded from 3 to 2 with the new maps, but none of my zone 3 plants minded at all! :>

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