NHBabs(4b-5aNH)July 31, 2012

We received a couple of inches of rain over the last several days, much needed and much appreciated as we hadn't had more than 1/4 inch since July 4. The river, which had been down to its lowest level is back up a bit, and I am sure that the local farmers are happy to have the rain.

It has seemed like much of the rain this summer has been spotty, but this storm seemed to cover a pretty broad swath of the northeast. Did your area get enough rain to make the plants happy?

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molie(z6 CT)

Weather forecasters predict some for tomorrow though it looks as if it might rain right now--- skies are dark here in s. CT and the air is moist. I'm ready and so are my roses.

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claireplymouth z6b coastal MA

Raining here now in Plymouth,MA, and more to come this evening. I'm under the overhang on the deck now, right up against the wall and ignoring the slight mist that blows in now and then. Laptops are water repellent, aren't they?

We've had good rain in July and the garden is clean and hydrated. This should help the volunteer shrubs I had to dig out of some hollies yesterday and replanted mostly on the coastal bank (a few sumacs, a viburnum and a honeysuckle).


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rockman50(6b SEMASS)

We have a nice steady moderate rain here on the south coast. I think this is sort of a private noreaster for just the extreme SE portion of New England. It is nice to see things greening up again. The ground got awfully crunchy in July. Still amazes me how anything lives in the prolonged extreme heat and drought that afflicts other parts of the country.

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It's a bit much - about 4 inches in a bucket left on the deck for 2 days after an emergency dog washing late one evening - skunks have moved into a shrub border. I'm just praying that the old septic system can handle it - when the lawn gets swampy, it gets expensive.

Not complaining, though - we REALLY needed this rain here on the upper cape.

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This summer provided a good lesson for me. There is a high water table on some of our property. Two perennial beds have not been watered and are in a dry area. The ground is powdery but phlox, echinacae, etc don't seem to mind. A third perennial bed is closer to a wet area and seasonal stream. The dirt contains a good amount of moisture. I planted a Lil Joe pye weed in this bed this summer. Astilbe, etc seem very happy. The bed has not been watered. OTOH a part-shade garden has some suffering plants that need some water. I plan to move some of them out before they perish completely.

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girlcat36(6 ish)

I'm on the mid-Cape, and we have suffered drought conditions. It seemed each storm in June and July passed just to the north or south of us. We've been DESPERATE for some rain. I was glad to get such a nice soaking yesterday!
Also, my plants have perked up and put out some growth since the oppressive heat has left us.


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We got about 1 1/2 inches on Sunday according to my rain gauge, then another heavy shower yesterday. It rained hard again around noon today but not for long. July was very dry here in north central CT just 2 miles south of the MA state line. A few of my astilbes are brown & crispy following weeks of dry weather but they'll recover and come back next year.

Several of my established hosta are twice their normal size and my daughter who lives 9 miles east reports many of hers are over-sized this year as well. Except one section where it turned brown and looks dead, the lawn has remained greener than I recall from past years.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Yay! Getting a good soaking this morning. Won't have to water the rest of the week. Hope you all are getting it too!

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