Need a Garden Buddy from Northern Ontario...December

Debbie_N_Ontario(zone 2)December 6, 2005

Hi everyone *waving*

Hope u are all keeping well. Finally dragged the tree up from the basement tonight only to find two more branches have been broken, so son didn't want to put it up. He thought putting ttwo more pieces of duct tape on it to hold more branches together was going to turn it into an aluminum tree. *L* I didn't want to buy a new one as the new ones all look like junk and I always hide the duct tape with the big ornaments we have! The new trees are not bushy like our tree is,,,,er was and I didn't want one that had the lights attached, cause the cat loves to bite thru them. Actually if we didn't have a wire eating cat I would love one. But I ordered one from Sears and hopefully it will be ok, son is going to go halfers with us and that will be our Christmas gift from them. I can't believe the tree is going to be so late getting put up this year. I wanted it up weeks ago.

It has been cold, icy then melting here. Lost almost all our snow then got some back. Haven't seen any birds in a week or so though.

Not much growing going on here, though I did get a catalogue from two places and looked thru them, haven't ordered anything yet as I got some seeds from Walmart last year.

Well take care and I hope everyone is well and getting ready for Christmas!

Take care

Debbie :-)

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Good Morning,

Just thought I'd drop in and wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and all the best in 2006.

Beauitful morning, we got a couple of inches of snow and the temps. are on the warm side. It is my baby's birthday, he is 23, so both boy's are coming out for supper and to cut down the tree. Really starting to get in the mood, went out yesterday and it was so... busy but just about done. My baking is hide in the freezer, so I feel very good, hope everyone is well and has a great Christmas.


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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Hi all -

With all the snow we've been getting, i should be in the mood, eh? LOL I've put a few decorations out, but we probably won't do the tree until next weekend. Dh says he's going to find a real one for us, so i don't want it up too early. If he can't find one, then i have my emergency back-up fake tree!

I'm pretty much ready too. I have a lot of gifts already and the others are on order. I need to get something for my brother because he's coming to spend Christmas with us, but i'm not sure what. Have to think of something. And i don't have anything yet for my son's girlfriend's son, but they don't even know what to get him, so i'm not alone! LOL He's 14 1/2, and my son says his list is about $10,000 long! I said that reminded me of someone... :)

Thinking about Christmas has reminded me that i haven't done any baking yet either. Maybe i'm not as ready as i thought? LOL Not that i do a lot anyway, but i usually make some shortbreads at least. Should do that soon too. Maybe tomorrow even, if i have all the ingredients.

Nothing much happening on the gardening scene, except for deer walking through the yard. I haven't noticed anything getting chewed yet. Last night one was at the back corner of the house for awhile, and i was worried that it was nibbling on my sambucus, but i think it was just at the wild rose bush. Other than that, i've done a few trades, but not a lot yet. Someone sent me catalpa seeds! It's going to be interesting to see if they germinate and what comes of them if they do. Apparently, they're a nice looking tree.

Not much going on besides getting ready for Christmas. I did a Book Fair at school a couple of weeks ago, so things are back to normal. Also, the principal got a new desk for me - really impressive! The reason she did that was because her computer was down over the summer so she used mine, and realized that the set-up was as un-ergonomic as i kept saying it was! The big fun at school is having snack with the little grandguy every Tuesday and Thursday when he's at school. We always have a good time together, and he's so precious! So precious, in fact, that he's pretending to be Gollum from Lord of the Rings, and keeps growling "Precious!" He's a funny little guy! :)

Anyhow, that's about it for now. Hope everyone is doing fine and is just busy.

Btw, Debbie - there's CLEAR duct tape now! LOL And Janet, hope you had a good dinner with your sons. How old is your baby? Mine is 21. He finally got a job at a pellet stove factory here, so we're all pretty glad about that.

So, take care everyone!


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Debbie_N_Ontario(zone 2)

Macia,Clear Duct tape? Really? Oh, how kewl is that! LOL

Son bought us a new tree for Christmas, but one of the branches was missing, so tomorrow we are taking it down and taking it back to Sears to get our money back. We called the manager and told him all the trouble we had with the microwaves this year and now a tree that we weren't impressed. That we were putting it up and bringing it back for a refund after Christmas, I was not a happy camper! Grrrrrrrr

I guess I will make a January thread,,, sorry I haven't been on here much, a lot of bad family stuff going on here, like my sister emptied out two of mom's bank accounts and now is sending the bills up to me to be paid because she says she ran outta money, well spending over 600.00 at walmart in 2 days will do that and over 5,000.00 in two days will do that. Diddn't get a copy of the will until the Thursday before Christmas, Mom died October 17th, only to find out I am also an executor, but it is too late to do anything as she has spend the money. She only sent me up the copy after I threatened her with getting the accounts investigated.... so it has been lots of stress, really took the fun out of Christmas this year.

My bp is high, my kidneys aren't good, heart is having fits, left leg has PAD in it from diabetes and I hope I'm not getting an ulcer, and stomach is bad,,, all from stress. Other than that things are fine LOL.Don't worry I still have my sense of humor.

I will start a new thread

take care
Debbie :-)

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