Moving to Wyoming!

dryad58(z4/5/ CO)December 31, 2004

Hello there!

I'm moving to wyoming from california, and i'm sure it's going to be quite a different gardening experience. I'd love to hear stories of amazing gardens in that area of the country, or tips for growing things there... I know that's pretty general, but i've never lived in a place where it got too cold to grow plants! Thanks for replying

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jenny_in_se_pa(USDA7 Sunset 32)

You may want to try asking on the Rocky Mountain Forum since Wyoming is just north of Colorado and a number of folks from Colorado post there (which might draw out the few Wyoming posters that I've seen on occassion).

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Dryad58, despite moving to a rather cooler climate you'll still have ever so MUCH plant material to choose from! Heck, even here in the far north of zone 3 there's LOTS to be grown! OKAY, we're indeed limited as compared to warmer zone gardeners ... though, just the same our gardens overflow with all sorts of trees, shrubs and perennials!


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mlark(z4 WY)

Welcome to Wyoming - - it's a great place to live! You are will be a big difference, but it doesn't take long to find beautiful plants that thrive here. Neighbors are friendly and always happy to share their ideas on what has worked for them. It is much drier that you are used to (obviously) Depending on what part of the state you are moving to, the wind can blow (and blow and blow) and that makes a challenge too. My biggest problem is the tendency to plant things way too soon. I get the bug about this time of year and it's hard to wait till the last frost is past. Last year I lost quite a few new plants, so I will be patient this year. What area of the state will you be moving to?

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I grew up in Wyoming (Casper) - center of the state. (moved to Virginia) And yeah... lol Not much grows in that area, without a LOT of help atleast! lol You are lucky to get grass to grow. I know black eyed Susans grow well, as do petunia, marigolds..

You may have better luck at it than me, though. Best of luck, and hope you like it in Wyoming! =)

Here is a link that might be useful: PhotoBlog

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