dead plants..

seattlemarigeneJuly 18, 2012

So I have been on the same land since 1909 and Ive planted alot.well this year 2 of my favorite shrubs died after they yellow lilac that was @15 years old.And my winterhardy daphne that was 27 years old..No sign of disease.They bloomed fine..We had a damp spring..but its not the first time ..Dont understand it.:o(

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Since 1909?Over 100 years?Very cool!

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Research "daphne sudden death syndrome". Unfortunately, a rather common affliction.

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lol I meant family has owned this land since 1909..My great grandpa settled here after leaving holland..Same kind of temps here...I used to garden with my Nana here since 1949...I will look up the sudden death...I found a yellow lilac and a pernyetta to replace them on Amazon...:0)

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