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almosthookedSeptember 20, 2012

After getting my other 2 "not new gardens" added, I had all the rocks to do something with so started 2 more beds . It was going to be finished in the spring but things went so well I got the sod dug off, tilled and worked up the soil which was terrible. We purchased 5 yards of top soil and a load of cow manure from a feedlot farmer. When it arrived yesterday it was a lot more then I realized ( 30 yards) Should do for many many years. After adding a layer of well decayed leaves to the beds, a layer of manure and most of the top soil, I am ready for plants.

My hosta order arrived today, all 27 plus Pat gave me a duplicate allegan emperor . Things are going in their new homes tomorrow( hopefully with Myrle's guidance) Not sure what I would do without her! Probably make loads of mistake .

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Whoa, there, Nellie! That IS a whole lotta.

I hope, deep in my heart, that you don't run into what we did last year with our 'barnyard dirt' load.

We've used the same farm for years, no problems, but got burnt last year. We used the first load to top-dress each and every plant in the gardens. It was too late by the time we found out that year's load was laden with weed seed.

Oh, my aching back,


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I have always been plagued by having too big plans for my good, but to have the dirt delivered by rail: I can't beat that!

Were the tracks already there or did they run a new spur into your gardens for the delivery?


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Jon 6a SE MA


Look a little closer, that is a tractor trailer.

I have twice spread 15 yards of loam. That is a huge pile of cow......dung! I hope it has been composted. If it is still on the fresh side it could burn the roots. I'm not a manure expert, but the smell and texture would be a clue as to the age.

From your post, it seemed to me you put the leaves, manure and topsoil in layers. If so, I would suggest mixing in the manure would be advised.


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Almost hooked,you are a lot more ambitious than me! My soil is so good that I don't have to do that,being in a woodland,but more power to you! My hillside is too steep to even attempt that. Hope your new garden works out well for you. Phil

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I am sure there are loads of weed but in the topsoil as it is not sterilized.Oh my aching back too.Not too sure how aged the manure is but there is no smell to it and yes the beds have been all tilled and remixed again and again. As my old dutch dad use to say.. till deep.. water deep. And yes it is a tractor trailer load and my DH helped with the skid steer to place the topsoil in the beds so the wheel barrel and rake did the finishing touches. The trench outside the rocks is now filled with pea gravel around the beds so I don't destroy my riding lawn mower. DH says anything attached to the house is my job but I actually enjoy the lawn mowing

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Just curious what do you pay for a yard of top soil?Here in western new york it goes for 30-35 a yard.Curious what others pay.My father in law lives in Va in the blue ridge and cant even find top soil for sale.

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$45 a yard but no sand or peatmoss in it but can't remember what he said was. According to him he went to school to learn the mixes but who knows. Seems to grow good and not pack anyway(Salmon Arm, BC area) Treat it like gold!

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bernd ny zone5

Almosthooked, you are definitely deeply hooked, using all that equipment and huge amounts of soils and manure via a tractor trailer, WOW! And all those nice rocks! You certainly have a great continuation on your garden work. In comparison, I buy top soil in .75 or 1 cft bags at Home Depot, perhaps buy 10 of those and drive them home in my car trunk. I also use my own leaf compost. Good luck! Bernd

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Les, I think that is a huge long-bed dump truck. Some of those dump sideways, sort of ROLL instead of LIFT, which is great in a spot with low electrical wires.

Almost, I'm reminded of eating crackers and cheese and trying to make them work out "even" with my Coke....what I see happening with your garden is you wind up with an extra amount of the.....good stuff....sitting there, and so you make another EXTENSION to a bed, use all the rocks and need a few more to complete the job.....order more topsoil.....wind up with a bit extra top soil in a big pile you want gone before winter, so you extend another bed...need a few more rocks, get the picture. A garden such as yours will expand to fill the space gas in a hot air balloon.

I'm glad to have a front row seat a safe distance away! If I had the property next door to us, I'd be doing the same thing. When my hosta mature, DH said he wants a machete for Christmas.

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Les, it is a tractor trailer but not a dump one. It has a walking floor inside the super large box and it rolls out the back . We have 19 acres but the rest of the land is in hay to feed our field ornaments( 4 donkeys 2 horses and a mini hinny) No fools like old fools!They all needed homes, just like the hosta did.Good thing our house yard is fenced off so I have no more room for too many more hosta and it is too hot in the front yard and I want the rest of the grass between them. I probably could JAM some in if I had my arm twisted but no new beds. Promise!!!

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jan_on zone 5b

Your critters are absolutely gorgeous - how lucky were they to meet you when they needed a home??!!
What is a mini-hinny? I was a farm kid way back when, but that's a new one to me.

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Hinny is a offspring from a female donkey and a male horse. A mule is from a female horse and a male donkey. When we went to get him he just looked like a little horse and I was so disappointed until on the way home he whinnied and then hee haa.. All I could say was he works, he works!

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Now my overflow gardens are planted and with some companion plants I found at 50% off they are done. Moved a few plants around to give them more space and maybe have room for a couple more in the spring but now is time to watch the young gardens grow. Under 2 yrs and $$$$ spent

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Planted bunches of bulbs to come up in the spring before the hosta come up too. Now the latest purchases are in

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Jon 6a SE MA

Time to drop "almost" from your moniker. Great job, you will be rewarded (further) in Spring.


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