storing hostas over winter

kathy5(z5/6 Cols,OH)September 23, 2007

My landload is selling property, and I want to dig out my hostas before she shows house. I won't be able to replant anywhere else till spring. I don't understand about bucket or cooler method. Do I put dirt in these? Or can I just wrap in newspaper and maybe put into box and keep in cool area? I hate the thought of losing my hostas, by not doing the right thing.

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Have patience with this process, it ain't but hard there are a few details that have to be understood before you can start.
How many do you have?
Where can you store them?

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There are lots of ways to do it. You can pot them, or even put them in grocerystore bags. If they stay outside, put them on a shady side of the house where they won't get alot of rain. You can also put them in a shed or garage.

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Welcome to the forum Kathy!

I've stored plants in my attached, unheated garage. I cram as many as I can into a large planter - leave room at the top for 6" of leaves. I leave the pots outside until I'm sure it's in the 20's or lower for the year. Top with leaves and move to the garage. I've been using this method for the past four years.

One year we had a couple of 70 degree days in February followed by a warmer than usual March. Hostas started popping up in the garage. I had to move them indoors. I put a Blue Mouse Ears into a smaller pot and it was flowering for my Easter centerpiece.

I have lost 4 tissue culture plants using this method though. I think they do better in the ground. If your plants are well established they should do well.

If this option is not for you - do you have a friend with some extra room in their yard that could store them over the winter? My sister sold her farm to a developer but has yet to find another place to live. The last two weekends we have moved more than 150 perennials to my yard. We have taken the cram and jam method to a new level!


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i don't know if she.. in z6, can get away with what Teresa in z4 can ....

my best advice.. in the ground ... hosta mail very easily ... as noted.. a friend with a yard .... or anywhere that you can ship them ...

and do it soon ... you don't need the whole plant...


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All the advice so far is good and Teresa and Ken are both right but we don't know if that fits your circumstances.

More details about your condition and where you will be able to store them?

There are many ways, most work well talk to me?

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Ken - It looks like she is in zone 5 - not 6.

Kathy - hope you have a friend to store them with. That would be the ideal solution.

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kathy5(z5/6 Cols,OH)

I have about 25-30 hosta's, and got worried over weekend and dug them up. They are sitting in two boxes in my carport right now. We put bid on a house, my agent wants to close end of October, so I'am hopeful to get them back in ground by first or second week in November. If not I'll to store them in garage or basement at new house. I also a pink oriential grass I bought my husband and 2 year old apple tree that is my son's that I want to dug up too. I'am just worried about losing any of these plants.:( It will break my heart.

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